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The Saigon Center Center has replaced hundreds of emergency families


The result is the result of a venea kite condominium inspection of 45 cm. Mr. Ton Enhok High asked people to change people within 24 hours.

Low-cost apartment is 518 and 45 centimeters. Photo: Duy Tran.

Low-cost apartment is 518 and 45 centimeters. Photo: Do tran.

On the evening of January 23rd, the vice chairman of the People's Committee of the District Don Enhok Hai handed over 518 votes to the kin ward (in the Cao Khaw ward) and 153 people with 38 houses. Urgently urges the Emergency. This flat was invested by City Housing Company from 1996 to 1999.

The District Panels Committee advisory committee asked the Department of Disruption to set off a 45-cent slant apartments test results. People leave flat in 24 hours. In addition, the Zuidhar 1 students organized new grades for the Schuong Duyong Primary School near school.

To study the apartment, Hai was very surprised at the satellite. Many of the dome are insufficient. "Entering home is dandruff, lowering the head down to the ground and folding the furniture into one way," he said.

Traditional nevaries remain only a few days left, but it can not be done, and hundreds of people's lives will slow down, "he said.

Many homes residing in apartments can not hide their concerns. She said she was shocked to get a notice which had been immediately revoked within 24 hours. Two or three months ago the people were drugged and trained. But people are not sure what to do. If the authorities told me they knew the atmosphere of the apartment, then the disease came.

"We look through the eyes that look bright, but technically it's unknown, how dangerous it is, how can we live if we walk around, woman questions?

Similarly, the county was asked to explain where the residents were. How to support and handle

Talked with the Hai people. Photo: Duy Tran.

Talked with the Hai people. Photo: Do tran.

According to him, this apartment has been built for 20 years. But in the old water floor, only 2 feet deep is covered by melolica poles.

There are two options for interacting with the livelihood. It strengthens and takes about 6 months, but this option is not safe. The second is to create a new dam, complete at least a year. Next week, we'll meet district and city leaders and inform our relatives, "he said.

In the lodging place, District 1, Bin Thane, District 4, Bina Chan City has been arranged for the people. If one of the families of Binh Chanh receives more centers, it is very far from the center. Milestones, police, urban order, youth volunteers and transport companies will be replaced by 200 people. If the cost is given by district 1, only the people will look at the property.

"If you had stayed here for so many years, I had a lot of thoughts when I decided to move it urgently because the world has received so much evidence that I will take full responsibility for this move," said Hai, "that the disadvantage of the house will disappear.

The survey, conducted by the Honda Mint City Department of Construction in September, Now this was a success. "We should not let people know about suicide, but everything must be correct to ensure everything," he said.

They want many people to stay away because they fear the possibility of bad weather at night. District 1 can not respond because of the lack of polling. However, Hay suggested that if the relatives are in the register, they will pay her own pocket and some of the hotels to be temporarily staying at the hotel.

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