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The peculiar history of the $ 35 million villa in the heart of Saigon

Thursday, 29/11/2018 10:06 AM (GMT + 7)

There is also an opportunity to revitalize the villas 110-112 Vo Van Tan, though the exact construction time can not be assured.

Clip some information within the 110- 112 Vo Van tan.

The conference, which promotes and promotes the architectural, historic, cultural activities of Ho Chi Minh City, participated in 100 state representatives as representatives of state management officers, Villa Van den (District 3, TP) Villa 110 (112) revised by French sculptor (KTS ) The presentation of Nicholas Westset. Ho Chi Minh City), along with beautiful pictures and clips, showcases the workshop and the details of the project.

The peculiar history of the $ 35 million villa in the heart of Saigon

Some images of 110-113 van tons of villas are displayed.

According to architect Nicolas, this was an unusual building. That palace was at that time. In the last two years, experts worked hard to understand the history, used materials, designs, colors, paint … ….

During the specially designed designs of Vietnamese culture, the villa is considered a national investment, which has been neglected over time. Villa designer has chosen the most up-to-date methods and quality materials for the construction of sustainable villa from time to time, "said architect Nicolas.

Significant history of $ 35 million villa in Saigon's heart - 2

The research project Nicholas Wiste shares about 110 to 112 volunteers.

He said that by collecting evidence, the architect Nicholas was not built in 1922, 1924, 1924 and 1924, but in the 1922s. "We believe this villa was built in the French colonial era of 1927," Nicolas said.

By the end of 2015, minaret took over 35 million dollars ($ 800 billion), and they had the opportunity to study all the changes. The French used the headquarters between 1946 and 1955. The position of the French army is in a similar area similar to that of Huan Tan Quan.

The peculiar history of the $ 35 million villa in Saigon's heart - 3

Some images inside the villa

The study has shown that a language school in the 1960s and 1970s has been used as a part of the villa. Therefore, it must increase the size of the classroom and the Thane District was created.

In relation to the construction materials, the producers Nicolas said that the French were not the type of brick used in many work bricks, but Saigon is a specially designed brick.

"We are incredible about things like tiles, but these bricks are Vietnamese, but they're only designed in Vietnam and sent to France." We find it difficult to find companies that make bricks, "Nicolas said.

The peculiar history of $ 35 million villa in Saigon's heart - 4

In time, the roof was broken.

The architect Nicholas says that villa is 110- 112 voiced by concrete. Additionally, the Nicholas group had to question the experts and the elders to learn about painting and painting. The German experts, however, have played a big role in the study of British construction.

The strange history of $ 35 million villa in Saigon's heart - 5

The structure of the roof is very unique, the research team has indicated.

Even though 110-93 vol van vanilla is a historical example, Nicholas says that many factors have been destroyed in time, often in exterior paint roofs and roofs.

For this reason, the architect Nicholas Viste's redevelopment team portrayed history and material, designing the design, texture, color of color, and everything to restore. Works near an unusual version.

In the middle of 2018, the villa will officially restore 110- 112 volts. First you will be building the surroundings around the building, after which the main building, music hall, anex, the gardens and three entrance doors will be rebuilt. Renewal time lasts for three years.

Villa 110 – 112 is a two-storied building with three sides of the Von Tan Road. Nguyen the dey, bhuyan tan khan, vo van tan. The original house has an area of ​​1,100 meters2At 2.800 meters campus2 1.700 ml landscape area2.

The building has three entrances. Two main entrances on Won Tone Street and an extra gateway on the Bayuan Tan Khan Street. The area used is 1.780 mm and consists of two floors2The design designed in the direction of the north and south according to the construction of each building.

The main part of the house is 990 meters wide2It has a bed of 16 feet room. The project behind the development is that the narrow building blocks are also below the ground, before digging into the building block in the digestive tract.

Clip: The Tinhill U 80 Village

The white villa grows like a palace right in the rural village of Han Tinh.

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