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The minister had promised to provide information about a billionth of VNN / Rate

Before the journalist's fraudulent examination in So-La was the manuscript. At the end of the investigation, the Zone Law Investigation Security Agency closed the investigation and filed the prosecutors with the prosecutors at the Provincial People's Progretaate. In the misuse of positions and powers for conducting public transactions.

Among the eight accused, Tan Quan Yuan Yen was appointed Deputy Director of Education and Training. The remaining seven asked the prosecutors to prosecute most of the Department of Education and Training in Sanaa Province.

The minister promised to raise the 1 billion BND VND / rate rate of the Zone 1

The security agency has ordered the prosecution of Deputy Director of the Education and Training Department of SNA Tran Quang Yen. (Photo:

Investigation agencies are now focusing on correcting the test scores for 44 candidates and other questions written by the physics exam.

The public opinion clearly states that the shortfall of applicants to the required score in the University entrance team is 1 billion against the VND / Case.

The People's Prosecution Deputy Director of the Zone Prosecution of Zone Law Provider Mr. Tran Kwok Tuan – Son La People Progataate has been handed over to the prosecutor for 8 victims. There is allegation that powers have been misused by the responsibility and responsibility. However, the subjects of the receiving bribe may not be denied.

Tuan confirmed that the information about the case of 1 billion VND / raising points was incorrect. In the months to come, the Son Low People Problemate case will be moved to the trial court for instructions on coming dates.

In the corridor of the National Assembly on May 28th morning, People Commenting on the above negative case, Education and Training Progressive Minister Sawan Nawaz said, "At the time of coming, we are writing a reply.

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