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The incident is big news, "said Thanu Po Police

Major General Nguyen Hai Trunk, director of the Police in Tani Hohe Province, said: "The Wijet Air attack was fired by female airline officials, and the provincial level leaders took special care and the accused were arrested and the accused were released on bail. "

Previously, like Justice Info, 23/11 afternoon, the audience includes Pham Huu An; Le Van Nhi and Le Trung Dung (Dung is chairman of the former chairman of the Tho Xuan People's Committee) on the airport's experience.

The girl's plane was immediately assaulted at the Tokyo airport.

The girl's plane was immediately assaulted at the Tokyo airport.

These materials are L.T.G. Is a staff member. Take pictures in the lobby area. Subsequently the topics continue to be asking for G with her taking pictures but refusing to work due to G Hough.

Could not get application. In the afternoon the voice sounded louder. Mr. G. An object was created using the phone. .

At the same time, Mr. L. T H. – The manager for preventing the body is burned in the face and climbs the stomach. Security Control Officer TN He took charge of the station to block the subject and turned his face in his hat.

Security Control Officer V.H. Passenger Security Checkpoint and hand bagage are responsible for assault and neck attack.

The three subjects are controlled by the Avwan Air Force.

The Ministry of Transport has sent a statement in IHOA Province of Thane Ho Provinces. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam asked the Provincial Police of the Tony Hope provincial People's Committee. Thanh Hoa and the authorities should seriously handle and take appropriate action against the abusive conduct of the above case. On the other hand, along with aviation security controllers at Tio Zhao Airport, there are steps to ensure better safety, order, safety and timely response issues. Self

On Nov. 25, the Vietnam Aviation Authority made no fixed decision on a year, visual examination for the next 12 months for the next 12 months. The Tao Kine district police, the prosecution case, three custodial investigations and the "public health adversity"

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