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The girl was burned with her body in a Halloween dress


Tran Anh Tu, vice president of the Department of Education at Nghe, said that Thuong (20 years old) National Inflammations in Hanoi.

"Patients with grade 1 burns (30-40% of the body), including deep firing of the body, some spots in the arms." inform your doctor.


Video: Student burns.

On October 31, the Student Union and the Foreign Language School hold a costume for about 50 students.

More than 19 pm, female students Thuong – 38G class nursery colored paper cloth crosses the stage, a candle placed in the pumpkin sheath. The flames drowned in the clothes and burned the people who screamed the victim.

Students hurry to collect water, find fire extinguishers. But the fire broke out, so many people fell in panic, annoyed.

Traffickers run to the nearby lobby and successfully dispose of them. The victims were transferred to the Military Medical Center, located 4 km from Vinh City, located more than a kilometer away from first aid, on the same day being handed over to the National Hanoi Homicide Institute.

She was burning in the fire (red circle). Photo: Cut video. "Data-natural-h =" 356 "data-natural-width =" 500 "src =" Man-hinh-2018 / 11/02-l 3316-9420-1541175988.png

She was burning in the fire (red circle). Photo: Cut the video.

Nghe The Pedagogical College sent delegates to the hospital to coordinate the girls' relatives. On November 2, the school gained experience in organizing the event to avoid the event.

Nghe The Education College currently has 1300 enrolled. At age 59, the school often organizes extracurricular activities for students, this is the first time the accident occurs.

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