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The former police lieutenant Ho Chi Minh City was paid a $ 1,900 DBB

HCM People's Court, Lieutenant Colonel of the Hong Min City Police Department, and Nguyen Hong Ann, the accused, paid a dam on a $ 3.6 trillion dam endosulfan Dam A Bank.

Nguyen Hong Anne in court. Picture: Huhu Khao.

Nguyen Hong Anne in court. Photo: To Khao.

Tran phong bin (CEO of the Board of Directors, CEO) (59 years old) and long-term loans are based on the survey conducted by these banks. They cooperated in real estate business and stock trading, shares. At the end of 2007 the interest rate on gold loan was cheaper than money. Both sides agreed to take loans.

In January 2008, Anil wanted to buy 2000 gold loans to cooperate with the council. The Tuvan Din Ward (District 2) 32,000 square feet of land and 3,000 shares of 33,000 square feet will be used in Fuui Huan district.

Bin bin dabee has been sanctioned for a one year loan to the police officer. The value of security assets is estimated at 40 billion dollars.

By January 2009, Ash won a hundred gold medals. Dr Pandey said the money was paid to the Principal.

However, the investigating team is a paper based procedure, The second is to repay the loan From that time onwards 2,000 gold borrowed. A year later, Anne gave interest and part of a significant amount, so DAB short-term bills continued, with 1,900 golds, and continued to recover a new deal with a 12-month contract.

In February 2012, he was signed with Banu. Vine agreed to provide a loan of $ 32 billion (equivalent to $ 85 billion a week) to the bank for a deposit of $ 32 billion (invest in DAB). The bank has been asked to make a small list of employees for legalizing the difference. It lost $ 53 billion.

In collaboration with the investigating agency, Anil signed the agreements, identified debt, repaid the loan, and converted the DAB loans. In the $ 32 billion saving book, S900 Taluk Gold ($ 85 billion) was equally valued and cost 53 billion dollars.

More than 85 billion dollars have been lending, officials said. The operation by Mr Bin has been losing 53 million dollars to complete the debt.

Mr. Tran Fong bin. Picture: Huhu Khao.

Mr. Tran Fong bin. Photo: To Khao.

Where is DAB lost?

In 1992, the DND was founded using the VND 5000 billion chartered capital. In this, owning 10% stake owned by the Bin family; Fanuero Jouleuri Joint Stock Company (PNG) 7.7%; Ban No Construction Joint Stock Company Nationals of Fan Van Anne Wu (or WONHAM) 13%. 13% of HCM City Party Committee's office …

In the observation process, several banks were found in the State Bank of Dab. In August 2015 DAB was deployed and forced to implement treasury checks in the system. In effect, Treasury has $ 2,089 billion, 62,154 gold jewelery and $ 416 billion poverty tragedy.

Tran-facing Bin denounced his position. He set up a board of directors with several precedents.

In particular, the binhenver subordinates suggested submitting several documents to the weakness, allowing a total of $ 2.057 billion. The remaining funds have been allocated for 219 companies with an investment of Rs 470 crore. Approximately 385 billion foreign exchange businesses. 610 Gold Accounts With a total of 1,900 golden dinners for Nguyen Hong Anand 53 billion dollars.

In this case, Fan Van Vu has taken over $ 200 billion and paid 13 million dollars. However, the buck No Construction Joint Stock Company No. The head of the 79 did not approve of this charge.

In the nature of the above mentioned, Mr Binh, Anne and 24 other accused have been charged with criminal offense Behavior acting according to the state's laws on financial management, causing serious consequences And The deterioration of accountability creates serious repercussions; V Aluminum accuses Abuse of power and authority over proper ownership The FIG355 Article 2015 Penalty Code, 20 Years Penalty Frame to Live).

Now crossing 4 billion. Bin Aluminum crosses 173 billion. North South Company 79, 5 Real Estate Companies, Room Sharing Several Securities …

The trial extended till December 25th.


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