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The elderly tragedy of the student's public security officer stole


Three years ago, during the trial at the High Tin People Court (tinhil), Le Dinkhan (residing in the ward of Tashan, 29 years), looted valuable assets, and the family fell into disaster. Under Haled, some are silly, apologize to young people, higher education, and the moment of thought is not enough to act.

Eye contact, eye glasses, concerns, ideas, fears, and studying economics in China. Parents often dispute every time that they come home. Take a look at the young man's head and take her mother to another place to steal money to buy a house.

Defense Defender in Court: Duk Hung

At the end of 2017 by the end of 2017, the defender finally withdrew from the lagoon in late 2017, purchasing electric shock pulse, knife, etc. In the house of the tash win ward, the wrist is more aggressive, dark-colored, sports shoes, and the house is kept in the house, waiting for theft to steal things to steal. .

Keen aims to start with Lax Teenhay in early May. As he walked out of the city, the house of Qwis was a modern design, under two car parking, roots, and the way to get out of the road. Then he brought his arms around the road and came home to sleep for over 200 meters and waited for a fate.

At 5pm on the 5th, Kian's home to attack there, wearing black clothes, wearing our shoes, wearing a cap, mask, climbing over the tree and jumping. He opened the gate to enter the house but could not enter, so he was outside. At 5.30 am, Mrs. Nguyen Tu Tuvan (maid) opened the door to the side of the neck.

Family villain queen Picture: The Duk Hang

The chairman asked, when the family struggled, is the perpetrator guilty? Responding to that moment, she asked, "I am calm, I need some money." The woman did not say anything. Cain asked: "Two cars under court?" "Your grandfather will give you".

75 million is completed and the key is found in the corner of the room and asks to ask you, Savings books will see a lot of money and withdraw the withdrawal. Qi said: "No 100 million will be withdrawn once per day," Cain said. "How much backsliding is withdrawn."

To make peace, Cairn had another pocket in hand and "installed monitoring software" asked the faux connection to return the money. Do not accidentally blame him for four captives: two children (60 years), a maidservant at home.

In the queue, in the court, Kain was very scared because of the fear that the two children would be harassed. I think it would be a great opportunity to communicate with relatives if it's in money. The woman, who was waiting for a harsh look at the robber, told her general secretary, Tran Kong Truong (deputy chief of the General Security Ministry).

The accused, Kane, while her mother was in court. Picture: The Duk Hang

The trafficker should now call his daughter two police. After failing to communicate with the poet, looking through the window to see three behind the back, every child who knew to open up should ask the silence. As a way to deal with him, he reached the courtroom, took hold of his hand, lifted the gas, put it in the bathroom, and then controlled.

In the application of absenteeism, the trial and the arrest of the burglar directly were arrested. The family of the prisoner is only the parents, but they are often trapped on the head of the table, not the words. After queue and the maidservant asked the homeowner to simplify the sentence of handwriting. So he has got the opportunity to correct the mistake.

"The adult is educated, and if you love your mother, try to make money, then deal with it all later." Is not money now available, as is the case with future victims, relatives and shoes that are in distress? "A lawyer said, this is a lesson for many parents to solve family failures.

Caine patiently asks his parents and family to try to get him back to work again.

The kid was kidnapped from the car as she was robbed of seven years of imprisonment. Tears have wiped out from her mother's palace.

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