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The driver used the drug 1 week ago a stone was used


According to officials, KR Lung Compound Kim was detected in a road accident in Hai-Dwong province in Thane District in KMlock village on January 21, 2011. Especially serious. ALO Vietnam Painting CSC (Ken Hong Ward Headquart, Hang Dam District, Hanoi City), 3.4 ton truck trucks, Hyundai brand and Counter ocean 29 C-719.53.

Dangerous eight people used drugs in 1 week after the accident

The Luang Wandam driver was hit by a truck. At least 8 people were killed and eight were injured in the accident

Truck driver Long Van Tam, a ALO Vietnam Pain Joint Stock Company, 28 years old (the permanent resident of Kao Bang province of Nguyen Binh District).

At the time of the accident, trucks carrying 4 tonne boats will be controlled by Hanoi-Hai Phong. He was a resident of Tanhay City, a 28-year-old Penn Technologist, Le Tuhan City, a 29-year-old resident who lived in a car in a car in Yen Dinh.

The car was broken to take part in the Congress of Kim Lumung Comben's Pywandant Front Committee to burn incense at the martyrs of Kim Laoong Commune. The passengers were on their way to power vehicles returning to the headquarters of the Commune Peoples Committee in the opposite direction against the vehicle.

In driving sleep, 1 week ago "drugs" play

The results of the verification test, from 16am until the same day, Lam Manu Tuvan introduced Kim to the district police along with the car accident. Hai Dungong Police Force Successfully Launched Taj Mahal. Assistant Tung Wu and driver worked between 6.30 and 12.

Drugs were used in 1 week before the eight dangerous hazards

Lung van Tam in the investigation agency (Fig: T.H)

Kim Tanham, Kim Tanhah, district health center in Kim Thanh, sent police drivers, assistants and paint technicians to check drugs, drugs or other stimulus. All three were not in the lungs. Brain tests: Luang van tam drug type type methamphetamine (stone medicine); Le Manh Tuan and Ta Van Tu also adversely affect drugs.

At the beginning, police lung Wang in the Kim Tan district was stabbed to death and stoned a week after the accident.

8 people were injured and 1 week old was used for drug trafficking

Eight people, including the Kim Lung complex and local organizations, are killed.

To encourage the families of the victims timely, the Hay Duyong police and Kim went through the district police to visit the families of the victims. VND has formed a public organization to support 30 million visits and support for victims of police chief Tran Van Dohan in Kim Lung Commune. 10 million VNWs assisted by injured persons: Communal Police Deputy Director Nguyen Van Tin, Police Officer Huang Van Tao.

Accidents: 8 killed and eight injured.

The injured were rushed to the Kinn thhal district medical center. Thereafter, Hanoi had sent emergency power to hand over an emergency power. Now, the cases of trauma get well.

* 8 deaths include:

1. Lung Quan Sinha (born 1954) lived in Lung Qa Village. Kim Lung Commune (Vice Chairman of Farmers Association)

2. Tran Van Don (born 1963) lives in Lung Qa Village, Kim Lung Commun (Kim Luong Communion Police Head)

Michelle Dohan was born in 1946. Kim Lung Commun (living front of the residential area) living in Lung Qa Village.

Mr Tran Wang Dung was born in 1957 in Kyung Lung Commune (head of the Farmer Association)

5. She lives in Mr Leung to Lang Kra village in 1949. Kim Lung Com (Chairman of the Orange Orange Attack Association)

Kim Lung Comun (resident of the residential area), who lives in the village of Fu Wan Thoon in 1955, Ko Phuk Buck Village.

7. Hua Bin Duong was born in 1948. Luang Jah Buck lived in the village. Kim Lung Comune (chairman of the Commune Study Promotion Association)

8. Born in 1949, Mr. Lee Tuang lives in the village of Lung C. Kim Lung Comune (vice-chairman of the Vice Chairman of the Vice-Chairman) died during an emergency.

8 people were injured.

1. Nickau van van Tin, born in 1966 In the Lung Bag Back village, Kim Lung Commun (deputy chief of the Communion Police)

2. Kim Lung Commune (Police Officer), born in 1959 in the village of Hua Vanto,

3. Kim Lung Commun (former premier of the residential area), residing in the village of Luang Ja Buck, Hua Wangdong,

Kim Lung Commun (formerly the residential area of ​​the residential area), residing in the village Naguain Thin Da khan Fuk Namii in 1948.

5. Nguyen Tin Yin, born in 1973, Kim Lung Commune (deputy village) living in the village of Kobe Buck Bak.

6. Nguyen van Noe, born in 1961, lives in the Lung Bag Back village. Kim Lung Commune (deputy village)

7. Kao, born in 1988, lives in Lung Qa Village, Taiwan, Hong Kong Commun (Youth Union Secretary)

8. Ludy Chuine was born in 1956. Kim Lung Combo (resident front committee) residing in the village of Kompuk Buck.

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