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"The confidence in the younger generation to help the sweet harvest of the park"


The Vietnam Football Team has 15 players below the age of 15 to participate in the ATF Cup in 2018. In the absence of a group's goal, it is better than a group.

Park new fruit that you trust in young people

Park new fruit that you trust in young people

In Fox Sports, commentator Gabriel Tan believes that when you believe in young people, the Park Hague Seal coach deserves a boon.

The writer writes:One who has known achievements 16 years ago has a modern approach to training the park Hong Siin.

In September 1974, when Vietnam Football Federation Park announced his appointment as Hang Do coach, many people published several documents to find out about him. Former assistant of Gus Hidding in the 2002 World Cup, led by Park Haang Zeou, Geonemn Dragons, Giovanni FC and Sanju Chung led several leading league clubs.

At the age of 59, Coach Hand Seo was no longer a young coach, but a year later he became the "gold dragon", who expressed great concern for the younger generation.

There are 15 players in the 23 AIF Cup in 2018, which is 23 years old. For comparison, another team of Group A group included only eight players with Thailand's defensive team, two teams to the tournament and only three young stars.

Laos and Timor Lestin have only 23 players. Moreover, both are the weakest teams in the league.

However, there is a special case for Vietnam to challenge this title. Captain Nguyen van Queté, Defense Qui Encco Hey, and striker Engue Anne Duk are also familiar with many experienced people. Young people are also important in winning Yuvvai. Vietnam won the winner as winners have succeeded.

After each match Nguyen Quang Hai extended, Nguyen Cong Phuong and Luong Xuan Truong also encouraged their possibilities. In the defense, however, Tran Din Trong and Doi Da Man are older than his age.

But faith in them should come from somewhere … It is a coach that gives them confidence. More remarkably, the park was not scared to lose, and even in a match against Cambodia on Saturday, even a non-team phenomenon.

Though they try to expel Cambodia home, they will succeed in winning the semi-finals. However, Korean tactics will not allow many pressures to play.

AFF in 2018 The trophy will reach 23 years in 2016

AFF in 2018 The trophy will reach 23 years in 2016

Earlier this year, he scored four goals in a league match and was replaced by Anne Duke with Enuguine Tyne. Besides, Nguyen played the Hong Kong duo and left the field strongly in the left.

Though it will be back in the first matches of the Am Dukk and Van Queiet semifinals, the park knows the park is very much and ready to play from the bench. Preparations.

This shows a "golden production" in Vietnamese football. There are ways to make the most of these occasions, or the future of the World Cup or at least 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. .

The fact that "Golden Dragon" has chosen the right man is a person who can not be convinced that young people will bring good things in their future.

The AFC Cup teams will still have to compete in the 2019 Asian Cup, the result is a good sign."

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