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The "brother and sister", the portrait of the opposition, struck her mother in a tinhhole


Tuesday, February 19, 2019 17:30 PM (GMT + 7)

Fan van Thin (resident of Cam Tunjin district, in the province of Tin province) suffered brain damage when he was released on bail to arrest the illegal people. Locally, Thin is known as the "brother".

In these days, the canvas of the village of Kwan community suffered from brain fatigue due to the fat burning of the mother.

Tran Quang Trang, chairman of Quan Quan Commune Peoples Committee, was born in 1966. The son was admitted to Fan Van Thin Hospital where he died. Germany (Hanoi).

"In the area, it is a rogue object, and" brother "especially from the debt. It is bail to wait for the trial because of illegal arrest of illegal persons, and such a painful thing happened," he said.

According to some local people, though he is married, it is a silent and unemployed object. While living with her mother, she is unfaithful, she treats her mother badly.

Fan van Thane's belongings.

About this issue, reporter Dan White, cam suyuyin District police deputy chief and captain Lee Wheat duvan said: "19.2 In the morning, the police will work in the agency. Less arbitrary workers to handle the criminal Engineering is to determine whether the terms of the victim's death and called what. Since then, the law, Rakrtyannal has the authority to determine the appropriate authorities.

As reported earlier, on February 11 at 18:30, Van Fan Thin was ready to go out with his wife while he was walking a stroll with his mother. When anger came, Melanie reached slowly and leapt his head in unconsciousness.

Shortly after. At Gene Tin General Hospital The brain suffered serious injuries. The doctors were told to shift to the White Duck Hospital. After an emergency week, El standed.

Following the incident, Kom Sueen Police was arrested by police on charges of criminal offense against Fan Van. Right now, the postmortem is waiting for the closure of the investigation to prepare a foundation to face the slightest objects in front of police district police district.

During bail, Playboy was beaten by mother due to brain damage

When released on bail, he was beaten by the brain due to brain damage to Han Tinh's thin body.

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