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The bank's expertise is with the Wu aluminum

Thursday, November 29, 2012 11:11 AM (GMT + 7)

He told the court about the connection with the former chairman of the construction company Fan Van Anne. Dr. A Bank's editor Tran Phong Bang,).

The detection of the Dong Bank Masters & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; Looked like

Mr Wu has been director of Aluminum DAB. Photo: Tan Chow.

The trial panel (HNGXX) is questioning the case of DB on HC MC People's Court today (29/11).

Why did Tran Foong bin confess to court, "Why should we forgive Fan Van Anne?" The prosecutor's representative kept the trial in the court. He apologizes for Mr. Fin Van van. Shri. The true condition of V's activities is unknown.

Finding the bank bank master by & # 39; in aluminum & # 39; Found - 2

Tran phong bin responded to prosecutors regarding this wife's wife, wife and daughter. Photo: Tan Chow.

Binu's father, wife, children and relatives were prosecuted for questioning.

Investigating the sale of stake in bin companies and inquired why Bina had sold it to take into consideration his debt. If his shareholdings and his family were sold, his name should be declared. The DAB's pride affected at that time. So he sold the stocks of Nin Thinh and his son, Dnk Encoc.

Bin responded to questions about family relations. If the family (wife, father, daughter) receives dividend, the accused are demanding the respective departments for the accused. The transfer of dividends with the card is very simple, and the ATM card is very easy to transfer from one person to another. When the accused learned abroad, the card was kept and the transfer of money was easy. Prior to 2007, the wives and children of the accused had acquired several stocks. In 2007, she received a $ 100 billion dividend.

In the case of Cao Ngoc Lien (father of Binh), the prosecutor questioned why he had 523000 shares and sold more than 3.589 million shares. Where does the balance come from, in which step? Ben responded, "The accused are not remembered in the sale of shares and the name of the father of the father was not known.

In 2009, Bin purchased the company Tono Nongok Dang (wife of Mr Binh's wife) for 7 million shares in a company called Din, "Dear Depot, who bought and bought from the stocks used to buy the child's wife's name." – Mr bin replied to the panel.

"As a teacher, Fan van Anu woo (Wu aluminum" -PV) apologizes, and Wau was not fully informed of the original status of the banking activities. "- said in the former CEO DAB Tran Phuong Binh court.

Woo & # 39; aluminum & # 39; Isolated, Mr Tran accepted the wrong bin mistake

In court, Dong a bank executive, admits violations like allegations.

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