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Thanhão: Commission to ban pork sales "order" taken by Labor Online | LAODONG.VN


Dan Li Commune, Tan Son District (Tan Ho) wants to prevent small traders from selling Pick Ups in the TEU Market to prevent the outbreak of African pigs.

A new notice was issued on May 16 instead of the announcement of the war in the African pigs' cholera, according to a report released by Dane Li Comune's People's Committee.

After announcing a ban on the sale of pig, Dan Lie Commune and Tri-Zone District (Than Ho) were white in the stocks of Thieu's 100 pigs.

The new notice stated that foodstuffs, safety and pesticides, trade pigs and products in the area of ​​contagious diseases are strictly prohibited without the knowledge of the veterinary sanitation.

Pigs are taken in and out of communicable diseases through communicable diseases (banned using disinfectant spray and guided by veterinary veterinary agencies, except for pigs who are kept safe from diseases).

Pigs are shot from pigs, African swine populated areas, meat and pig products are only allowed in infectious diseases. Slaughtering should be done in licensed meat shops to ensure veterinary sanitation.

Thieu issued a fresh notice notice to the pork dealers in the market.

In addition, the ward of the pig is overshadowed by the veterinary staff and local authorities. The time is from 24.5 to the end of epidemics.

Last May 16, the People's Committee of Dan Li Comune issued a notice to prevent the cholera epidemic in Africa, releasing meat to the heads of villages and trading and firing meat. Pigs in the area.

Domestic transport, trade, distribution, entry and departure of pork (house and tok lane commune), starting from 16.5. If a family violates the restrictions, the CPC will record the recovery, destruction and handling of the rules.

After the announcement, more than 100 pigs were sold in pork market in the white whale market. Hundreds of pig farmers are responding.

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