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Supplement controls for handling retired cadres in the work | Labor Online | LAODONG.VN


Disciplinary action against officers, employees, public sector workers, public sector workers, inclusion of informal and allied laws, officials, civil servants, retirees or retired employees. Ensure that the Party discipline should be handled over the violators.

Amendments and amendments to the laws of the employer, public employee, law and the general public in order to comply with the requirements of legislation, use and management. Officials and officials in the political system.

The tenth National Assembly of Public Employees (CBCCs) passed the fourth session on 13th November 2008. On November 5, 2010, through the eighth session, through the 10th National Assembly Code. The provision for the division of the management administration of cadres, civil service and public affairs in two laws has created a legal basis for strengthening the reform of civil servants and public enterprises. At the same time, members of the public service are qualified and qualified. To meet the growing needs of the people and the community.

However, the CPC Act for up to eight years and the subsequent 6 year civil code will be enforced, especially in the decisions of the Constitution Act, the Government Organization of Local Law Organization, Local Government Organization Act, 2015 and 4,5, 7 and 7 of the Central Conference. Law on Public Law and Public Authorities Act, You must add the appropriate one. Integrate and sync new party controls.

It is worth noting that the retirement or retirement officials have been refurbished by various articles of the CBSE Act, amendment to Article 79 of the Disciplinary Act for the Public. Synchronization with party discipline will ensure the handling of wrongdoers strictly.

Article 52 of the Organic Act provides for disciplinary control of employees who retired from retirement or retired from the new content of the Public Employees Act, and agrees with party discipline to strictly intervene in their work.

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