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Street Lan Lung 40 Weight in Homes: Straight Talk – DVO

The National Assemblage Team of the National Assembly, led by Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Fang Kwok Hen, reports on landlords in the country and across the country. Especially the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, has a lot of complex problems.

The condition of the investment scheme is normal. There are 1,690 projects with 1,390 projects.

Investigation team has said that transportation infrastructure and social infrastructure in the region are causing serious consequences when compared to the original project of setting up of investment projects. Some honey projects affect people's interests.

Van Long is a 40-year-old man in Dung
The HH complex is based on the Linh Dam, which is reported in the National Assembly.

Adjusted planning plans will increase the height, number of floors, floor area, divide apartment area, increase product density and land use. Reduce public transport, technical infrastructure landing area, residential or residential land and office, increase real estate, build density, and increase population size.

Establishment of the structures of commercial land based projects, investment projects in urban areas, real estate markets and housing needs for people. Increases the number of apartments in the project, increasing the population indirectly and pressing the technology infrastructure and social impacts in the region.

Typically, HH1, HH2, HH3, HH4 are many of the many service, commercial and office buildings in the CC6 General Service Area and Linh Dam Leah House, construction from 24.6% to 40%, average from 40.95 to 40 levels; From "Modern Urban Area" to Lynham Dam, Many people will have to withdraw to avoid going out to schools to go to schools, infrastructure, schools and schools.

Or like in Van Lung Street – in Xuan District, TP. Hanoi is less than a kilometer, but it takes up to 40 atmospheric projects with 25 to 35 floors.

Van Long is a 40-year-old man in Dung
Hanoi people often live in traffic jams because they believe investors should follow.

Lee Van Lang Street, one of the roads on the road to Southwestern Hainton is difficult to deal with frequent traffic jams. In front of the waiting hours of every hour, motor bikes flooded the waterfall … The landscape of the turmoil was a fiery battle.

Apartment projects such as Nguyen Tuvan Street (more than 20 projects) around Le Wan Leng Street blocked; Lee One Style Stand (5 Projects); Wuong Phong street street …

A permit in Truk Building (Hanoi City) in 8B points out as an example of the wrong construction case, does not redefine the construction floor area; Unrestricted levels of ground level

In addition, people expressed concern about fear of fear of "undermining" two groundwater projects in the Kau Ji Park and Tu Le Park Park. Thu Le allows Hanoi "to share" floating area investors with 16,000 square meters with Park Management Management Enterprises.

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