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Specializing with former Premier League star Kwang Hai, millions of fans wondered – 24 hours of football


Tuesday, January 22, 2019 16:22 PM (GMT + 7)

In the 2019 Asian Cup quarterfin final, Japan has invited young players like Krang Hai and Vietnam Teal, the predecessor of the Great War against the Japanese, from Vietnam Population Social Network, Instagram.

In the Asian Cup in 2019 DT

In the penalty shootout for Victoria against our dramatic rivals, our match at Al Maktoum Stadium (Dubai, UAE) gave great delight to a special fan. Vignon Kabai was a well-known French midfielder of the famous clubs in England, such as Leol, Newcastle, PSG, or Crystal Palace.

At the end of the match, the former French football player, an Witness mother, displayed his photo in court and praised Vietnam:

"I did not miss the chance to see the Vietnamese play Vietnamese national team! I have a special thing to do, I love you so much" – shared Kabe in Instagram.

Former Premier League star Kang Hai made a special job

Crane High, from Canada, directly sent message to Kabaei from Vietnam

Yohan Kabba was born in 1986, and is a Vietnamese grandmother who is a Vietnamese grandmother. The midfielder has now signed the deal with Al Nasr Dubai Zay, UAE's Al Maktoum stadium. He is a free player.

He did something special with former Premier League star Kang Hai, and surprised the fans - 2

Yohan Kabba and his Vietnamese grandmother – Mrs. Mai Timothy, hi fang

She caught the attention when she did not even come back to contact Kabhi Quang hai The former French national football player did not hesitate to boast after seeing the brilliant performance of the Vietnam Winner 19 this year in the Asian Cup:

Next year, my grandmother is 100% Vietnamese, so I have a special wish, I wish you a nice day, "Goodbye said," I went to see yesterday's game and I was very impressed with my game style (Quang hi) Full message Quang hai.

He made a special deal with former Premier League star Kang Hai, who surprised the fans - 3

Asian Cup quarterfin final will be seen on January 24 with Japanese phone

After posting the Cabaye's desire to Instagram, Quang hai Replied to the French midfielder: "Thank You YUNN, you're right there!" The 19th DT Vietnam team attracted the attention of the shirt.

In the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup they will be defeated by Japan at 24/1 at Al Maktoum Yard.

Ignore the morning star in Japan 3 Star News: Quang Hai

An electronic newspaper Japan has done a thorough analysis of the number of suits.

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