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Selling Tickets in the sky at the time of the ticket and calling the car a Namboothiri


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

The leaders of the Honda Mint Transport Department say that they will coordinate working groups to increase the price of "cars", "credit for business" and "extraordinary" ticket during the Lunar New Year in 2019.

Crown garage, ticket set & # 34; People will call this number immediately on the tate holidays - 1

In December, many people come to the East Bus Station. The traditional resident family with their family

In the past days, people living and working in Ho Chi Minh have to be "red eyes" to buy tickets to the villagers during the Qo Hoi Lunar New Year. Many people on the central and western continents buy ticket at "heavenly" prices when compared to weekly days.

Binh Thanh District, at 22nd afternoon, is the bus charge for Qing Ngai, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Binh, between $ 1.5 to $ 2 million and usually between 400-600 VND / Ticket.

The bus bus tickets will be completed by December 25-30 at the brand bus ticket counters.

"Find out where the bed ticket is, and if you have any channel, drop down the price of up to 100. Go to 500 500 dollars, otherwise some foods go to the meals," said a bin dinh's car worker.

Crown garage, ticket set & # 34; People will call this number immediately on debit holidays - 2

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Many people have long queued up to get a ticket to resume their family on traditional tate holidays. While buying a car ticket at the East Bus Station, it is no more than three times the price, even when buying more than twice as much car.

The ticket rate is usually VND 230,000 since Tourette Hoi (Tu Yen) has been issued on 27th of December, but the Tate Holidays and Garage Price doubled: VND 460,000 / Ticket.

I know of date holidays, the garage has increased between 20 and 60% of surcharge, but the ticket is due to a 100% increase.

It is not shocking that many people who want to buy tickets to the central sector on the website of low car ticket companies "ticket" in the sky.

All Airlines Searching for flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Dinh? Discover's selection of low-cost Ho Chi Minh City to Binh Dinh flights. Some cars still have tickets, and the price is 700-900 VND / Ticket / Bed. 550,000 VND / Ticket Seats. On the other hand, VND / ticket / bed is only 250-280 on average.

Crown garage, ticket set & # 34; People will immediately call this number on debit holidays - 3

Ticket prices are also increased when compared to the normal days on the website that sells cheaper car tickets

Many buyers take control of the East Bus Station and buy car ticket on the outside. High ticket rates are ready to be approved. But the situation of the cramped cars is very worried.

"My homework cars have long brought together stupid guests, from Saigon to Bin Dinh to have a regular space and not have to sit on the garage legs, but the tet did not return home, but he would be hunted," said Lee Din, a village in Hai District of Lai.

Crown garage, ticket set & # 34; People will call this number immediately on debit holidays - 4

The inspectorate bus station of the Transport Department of the city has taken care of it, and then managing the fixing cars.

Shri Qi Nam Tahan, general director of the East Bus Station, said that at the bus station, people are given tickets to return to the ticket. "There is always a bus ticket at the bus station in relation to the family members of the house, but it's hard to get car beds on the sudden days, but the soft seats and the cars will be fine, my relatives have the best," he said.

Bus stations have always met people's travel needs, said Mr Tran Quang Lam, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department Transport Department. Passengers do not even have to leave the bus station.

At present there are a lot of cars tickets, so the passengers should not be too upset. People are advised to visit the station, travel to bus lines or ticket tickets for bus stations. People should not buy outside tickets. It's very easy for the poor to get the benefits of the guillotine, "Lam said.

Compared to regulations, if there are high-record ticket houses, passengers can reflect on the counter stations and the department inspector hotline can be reflected.

"The Bus Station is the first responsible unit and then the inspector who handles garage for strict violations of 4-8 million VND and removes the 2 months badge and refunds.

People reflect on the condition of high cars depending on strict controls. 02838300701 or 0913880906 in the Inspectorate's Inspectorate of Transport Department of the city. All people's responses will be checked and units will be summarized to process the repairs soon.
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