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Prime Minister: The furniture in the world should be furniture furniture

On November 27th, the 10th anniversary of implementing the 7th cents of agriculture, farmers and rural sectors is summarized in the National Online Conference.

The report "Report of the new phase of industrialization – the modernization" of 2008-2010, the report of the report as a result of the resolution adopted by the three farmers, was constituted by the steering committee of the Deputy Secretary of the Central Economic Department, Kao Duk Fat, Central Committee Secretariat. In the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, there are suggestions on implementation of a number of emergency obligations. National Assembly 31 Laws, 11 Proposals, Four Surveillance Contents were conducted. The agitation launched "Build a new country in the whole country".

According to Fat, with the emergence of the entire political system, progress has been made in agriculture and manufacturing. To make international products competitive, agriculture has been strongly changed. Some agricultural products have confirmed their position and competitiveness in the world of agricultural marketing. The per capita income in rural areas has increased 3.5 times since 2008 from 9 million in 2008. In 2017 Windows has grown 32 million. The revenue from rural areas in the urban areas has doubled to 2.1 times the 1.8 times in 2008. The poorest household in the country decreases by 1.5% year-on-year, especially in poorer districts, declining by 4% year-on-year.

Vietnam's agricultural export has grown strong in the past 10 years and the Institute for Policy and Strategy for Rural Development Exports of agricultural and forest products jumped from $ 16.5 billion in 2009 to $ 36.4 billion in 2009. The main products are rice, coffee, rubber, rubber and tea products. Cashew, wood, wood products, rutan etc. In the past years, agricultural exports are exported to an average US $ 8 billion a year.

Tree and vegetables are aimed at enhancing cashew production and agriculture in the formulation of export goods significantly. In 2009-2017, the export structure of agriculture and forestry and fisheries products in Vietnam was replaced by the US, Japan, Korea, the European Union, Australia and Canada.

However, the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agricultural and Rural Development has ensured that the export of Vietnam farms to the exports. But the value is low because 50% is in royal form. The quality of certain agricultural products exported to Vietnam does not guarantee sanitation, food security and technical requirements of imported countries; The global value does not really exist in the network, and the branded products are low.

Hence, the Institute believes Vietnam's agricultural economy continues to maintain its advantages over the years and will reduce its natural resources and exploit its productivity while exploiting international integration. Vietnam Agricultural and Forestry Institutions need to develop insurance industries and develop value-conservation programs and provide appropriate insurance policies to address risks. To meet demand in the world market, product reconstruction, high nutritional value, processed foods, furniture, organic products …

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at Agricultural Production at 27/11 Photo: VGP

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Agricultural Production at 27/11 Photo: VGP

The concluding ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Najan Zhu Fuk. Farmers who are preparing to bring the life of the draft farmers did not get the benefit. Agricultural production has been heavily revised. More suited for market access. A chain that has been produced from consumption and product consumption has also been established. About 50,000 institutions in agriculture and rural areas are functioning. "Agriculture is in four markets," Phuc said.

Nevertheless, many of the prime ministers are still defective, a small economic contribution to favoring the GDP in agriculture. The country has 33 million hectares of land. But not enough. Small, small, and smaller than 1% of the country …

Vietnam's agricultural products are extremely high in raw and non-exported and hot, the infrastructure for processing and processing is not good, but also the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to focus on the security of Vietnam's agricultural security, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said,

The agriculture, farmers and rural development will be implemented for sustainable use of agriculture, agriculture and water resources, he said. Active weather response. Firstly, industrial crops, aquaculture, aquac culture …

"Recommend the government to the Politburo on the basis of security, to remove parts of the raisies area, to control the control of the government, to the durian, pomolo, and orange."

Forest and forest must be utilized again. Hence the work is done by furniture and furniture in the world. Besides the conservation of natural forests, 14 million hectares do not have the standard of forest land but donations to agricultural development are very low. People living in forests are hard at heart.

"Lai Chau, Dean Ben, Duck Nong, forest land and forest land are all but poor and deforestation," he said, adding that he hopes to build the furniture from the world's furniture center.

The head of the government emphasized the importance of promoting farmers' self-reliance as farmers did not succeed. Agriculture is the basic foundation for development of our country, our country is rich, abundant in agriculture, abundance in our country, prime minister's proposal, State progressive thinking, awareness in agrarian development, development of agriculture and development of rural development.

He stressed the need to deepen the agrarian economy structure and identify opportunities and challenges in the new environment to put forward strategic proposals in development. "The world is changing, and Asia is contesting as a whole wholesale trade, so we need to make a comparative advantage." First flaws, digital growth in agriculture, the Internet, electronic payments … and the small and structural production to overcome, "the PM stressed.

The head of the central government said that 100 million Vietnamese people can be safely protected by people in the world and Vietnamese agricultural products. The man made it. Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other diseases, promoting agriculture, should follow.

Comprehensive and deep construction of new rural areas, urbanization of environmental protection, and the physical spiritual values ​​of the people suitable for each region. . At present, urban planning, townships and cities have been planned to be urbanized in rural areas.

"It is very important for the farmers to bring back the city," he said. Acquire, the service will be visible when it comes to development, "he said.

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