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Philippines vs Philippines. Buy online coupon watches 2018

On Wednesday, 28/11/2010 09:45 AM (GMT + 7)

Many fans were busy before entering the ticket.

* Keep updating

Block local area network

VFTA tickets will be sold only for 5 minutes only. However, the network workshop is currently in existence. This is hard for many visitors.

Philippines Direct Ticket Sales: Official Open and Local Area Network Prevention - 1

In the Buying Guide section, you can click here to download detailed information about how to get tickets.

Display tickets only at 10:00 (28/11), so fans can start transaction. After completion of the request, the interface appears with the ticket number Number of seats, number of specific items to avoid confusion.

After completing the above steps, fans will receive a confirmation email, which is available at

Vietnam - Philippines ticket sales: Officially opened, Local Area Network Workshop - 2

Early registration (according to the VFF guidelines)

Register for a ticket purchase account

To sign up for online tickets on VFF sites, fans must first register for personal information. A confirmation email will be sent to the registration mailbox.

If these steps can not be completed, fans can not proceed with the ticketing process. In the registration phase, most people do not immediately get a link to activate the account from this account but are waiting a long time. It feels terrible for many buyers.

Vietnam - Philippines ticket sale: Officially opened, Busy on Local Area Network - 3

Interface after successful registration of online ticketing

Vietnam - Philippines Ticket Sales: Officially Open, Local Area Network Rejection - 4

The account was not activated successfully


Before Air to Online Tickets Online to the Philippines – Air minute hot. Thousands of visitors are expected to visit online ticketing sites to hunt for the dream ticket to semifinals.

Previously, according to network users feedback, the official ticketing website and VFF website can not access account registration till November 26. While booking tickets online, many people have expressed concern about traffic jams.

Fans can access the online ticket to Vietnam's telecom semi-finals: 4 addresses:

Vietnam - Philippines Ticket Sales: Officially Opened, Busy on Local Network - 6

At 10:00 (28/11), VFF 25,000 tickets will be opened online

Vietnam - Philippines Ticket Sales: Officially Opens, Local Network Workshop - 7

When logging in to links, VFF will provide detailed information on Vietnam-Philippines ticket

Ticket deadlines:

* 200.000VND / Ticket

* 300,000 VND / Ticket

* 400,000 VND / Ticket

500,000 VND / Ticket

(100% of the tickets will be available online and on the way)

Online ticket opening time: From 29/11/2018 (Thursday) or till the due date (depending on circumstances) from 12/10/2018 to Wednesday from 12th to 10th.

Payment time: November 30, December 1 and 2 at 9 am to 4 pm.

To buy ticket

– ATM Credit, credit card …

Each person can only buy an ID card and citizen ID card.

Maximum number of individual ticket per order: 04 Ticket prices at the same price.


– Direct transfer through VN Post Service in 12 districts of Hanoi to choose this service

Conditions for receiving tickets: ID card / ID card for comparison.

After the delivery period (up to a two-day match) the Football Association of Tour Limf District (Le Quang Davo Street, Phoo Wu Ward, and Hanoi) must pay up to 12 hours of the competition.

– In one place: If no outsourcer or delivery service is used outside the ticket, Tickets can be:

Vietnam Football Association, Le Kuung Da Street, Fu Wew Ward, No to County District, Hi No.


Thailand 19/45: Malaysia – Thailand

18h30 December 2: Philippines – Vietnam

Round in semifinal

5:00 PM: Thailand – Malaysia

Vietnam – Philippines

The best team for the FA Cup: Vietnam Only Kong Fuong, England Germany Fair?

Fox Sports Asia debuted at the FA Cup in 2018.

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