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Other prejudices?


Tuesday, 11/11/2018 10:01 AM (GMT + 7)

In addition to open mind and firearms, a plastic surgery is considered to be in the minds of many.

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Showbiz is the famous "Queen of the Katrina" by Phai Than Van in Vietnam.

After a long silence in artistic activities, Fai Van van "hot seat power" program became a focus of beauty products and small family care. Farm Yen in the film "Queen Katlas" on the plastic surgery plastic surgery operation. Even though it is only a drama, the characters are constantly being discussed and the fi tanhan van van is about the whole story. Farm Yen says that the farm is only a "fake" beauty and does not want to ruin the shape of his or her parents. Soon, the beautiful girl born in 1982 gave you a slap on the farm yen in the sky:Tao Slap This is a slap for life. If you wake up, if you wake me up and people know me, then you can ".

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Many find that the plastic surveillance results from the fake story of Fai Than Van in the television show.

The truth is true, but many shock the truth. Plastic surgery from ancient times is still a double plate with mixed opinions. In addition to favoring a favorable approach to plastic surgery, many say that it results in consequences. The ongoing complications of plastic surgery will adversely affect the birth complications, parenting, and interaction with the community …

The success of the plastic surgery is considered as a success, from Vu Tan Qinshaw has a good sheer from "swan duck". "Super Beauty Salon"I have a new life and a new opportunity to change the transformation of beauty. Many have questioned whether plastic surgery is a surgical procedure. I replied, "I'm not scared as my son, no matter how dirty. But I still have children. "

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"Super Beauty" Wu Tan Khin.

Dang Tu Hai, a beautiful Housewife girl, today is a beautiful face. She loved some people in the past, but they resisted. "At that time, the couples do not like to love each other, because we think we will marry, and the delivery of children will distort them, so they do not like me. It hurt our feelings and I finally intervened"Tuha has joined.

The beauty of the cosmetic and beauty is completely changed. It is very common for others to understand. N. B. The N (Hang, Hanoi) case says:I started to see eye surgery, lip pumping, nose lift, duff lifted, breast growth. Two years later, when I met a friend, he'd lost his mouth. She looked differently, "look face to face". It made me feel even worried"

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The story behind plastic surgery.

Look at plastic surgery, new clothes for beauty are no longer strange. From the model, the general population needs to rely on the bullets to make themselves bright. Especially after the title, beauty and his face have changed.

Mrs. Dumgh Ka Anne, father and journalist of Miro Vietnamese, has had a lot of experience in recognizing the beauty that is not supported by contestants after the coronation. Plastic Surgery: "Girls' income in Vietnam is quite different. If you take the surgery, the beauty contest, the only people who have money for the beautiful people. Because money can go for plastic surgery. All the Vietnamese girls from different parts of the country can get surgery if the girls are unable to perform their surgeries."

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Poet, journalist Doong Q Ann.

"Beauty beauty queen needs to develop the necessary aspects, such as personality and morale, instead of being able to get out of surgery."He further analyzed.

In addition, Mig is not only a beauty contest like vitamins but also does not accept "cigogma" or other cosmetic surgeries in some of the universities around the world. Enrollment Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery Recently Shandong University of Art's Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says they will deny all applicants who have undergone plastic surgery.

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Chinese Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science does not recognize plastic surgery students

"We decided to ban applicants undergoing cosmetic surgery. Actors or host will attract millions of people. If you perform a plastic surgery, it will affect the artifacts that show it."Says the director of the Academy of Film and Drama Arts, at Shandong University of Arts.

In addition to changes in the masks, a problem outside of emotions and plastic surgery surgery. According to Feng Shui expert General Nguyen Kwang Sang, the effect of surgery, the individual, and especially the woman's change. "Femango Foo" is a great way to get older people's faces, big faces, big nose and big eyes, but they are very well connected with marriage, for kids and money, but in trends, sisters face winds, Not at all.

In fact, fai tanhan van ingredients say plastic surgery is wrong

Fay Van Von responded when he said plastic surgery was a lie.

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