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Naga Fuuang is surprised because this leaven is broken


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 15:14 PM (GMT + 7)

Naga Phuong is very handsome while pregnant.

Naga Fu Hoog wondered as she was still more beautiful than a girl because her face still disappeared

Without a lovely look, No Fonong looks beautiful.

The latest picture of Nha Phuong is very impressive and immerses with young people, big eyes and white skin. Despite being a married girl, her beauty became more young and a lot of fans. True giants always accept the love of worshipers because of her beauty and feminine beauty.

Even though the face of the Nuva Fuang is still slim, Pink skin looks beautiful. This is especially difficult because pregnant women can quickly increase the weight gain, or acne can not be avoided. So skin care is important.

Naai Phuenong was surprised because the poor still is so bad that it is more beautiful than the girl

Last month's Solidarity was depicting the grandfather's grandmother's face.

No-Fenong surprised her face that her face would still be soft and her smoother than her daughter

Naung Phuong's ambition was made because her face is still full of eye and beautiful than her daughter - 4

Nou Fouzong once again talked about his beauty secrets, including four stages: cleaning skin, musking, cream and care application. During the skin care, the first note is to cleanse your skin. As a result of my job, I often wear makeup. The simplest, clearer, and weak skin of the day, the working day is invisible. When she returned home, the first Fuong makeup was removed and her face was cleansed. She is not a picky person in beauty. No need to mention, time funding is very limited, so it is always easy and effective.

Naga Fugong joins with masking and chooses a unripe tree. Occasionally wash her on honey, turmeric and green tea powder and wash it for 10-15 minutes after bathing. Clean it 2-3 times a week and keep your skin fresh and fresh. This is a safe and convenient way of miscarriage for moles

"I am constantly looking at food as a parallel to your skin and it does not look good when people are sick and sick, so I always give you lots of vitamins and minerals for your body and eat lots of vegetables.To lose 2 liters of water every day when you lose tubers, fruits and body weight, Eat several times a day, – he said.

His face is still tired, because we were surprised by the fact that Fuonong was feeling better than her daughter. 5

Just 15-30 minutes a day, pay attention to your skin, what can you get?

Nu Bu Funk is wearing a loose and deeper image of the second round

After Tuhing Gyang's marriage, Wu Fuang often puts on his clothes.

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