Friday , May 20 2022

Myanmar's media boasted of reflection and ignored refereeing & # 39; Has done


Myanmar's media boasted of reflection and refusal - photo 1.

Myanmar 0-0 completely ignored the Myanmar media referee about Myanmar World Cup – Photo: Facebook

Myanmar Times, "Myanmar vietnam draws a goal win." Kian Sin Hinging of the team said: "Both teams will get the chance to play well, but they will not be able to get the chance." The article does not say that referee or goal is not recognized as Van Tone offside.

Newspaper G.Myanmar's new light is also an article in the competition. But no one has been recorded about it. On the contrary, this statement is what happens in the result of the competition.

Myanmar Sports News completely ignored the controversial decision of Qatar Referee Khamis Al Mari. Meanwhile, Myanmar midfielder quoted Myanmar confirmed its value after 0-66 with the Vietnamese team.

Myanmar's media boasted of reflection and refusal - photo 2.

Goalkeeper Sin Zine Hut, who scored the best performance in the front in Vietnam, is impressive.

The Daily Myanmar's David Myanmar and Myman's home team are having great discussions about the referendum's decision, even if there is not even a line. Myanmar and midfielder played well, especially in defense. A road fell off the ball as the ball hit the Vietnam team.

Other bumper newspapers, Seven Day Sports, The Yangon Times … ignored the referee's refusal to connect the Miami Fashion team to Vietnam. Pay attention to the Myanmar Home Team's strenuous and vibrant sport.

Myanmar referee criticized Vietnam fansMyanmar referee criticized Vietnam fans

When the Vietnamese community criticized the referee by a 0-0 defeat in the TMO – Myanmar, Myanmar fans defended the referee's decision and the VN & # 39; bad & # 39; It is not.

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