Friday , January 27 2023

Mr. Woh Wu Woong: No dealer with safe landing dealing


On November 26, Deputy Speaker of the National Assemblies delegation at Dong Nai Province, Da Wu Wong, and Bui Zhu Thong, held a meeting with vin Khuwin voters.

In the meeting, Vinh Cuu suffered the road from voters, lacking basic facilities, and hanging issues represented hot weather in areas affected by people. Compensation for land acquisition for low price, revenue to increase income from rice to everlasting industrial crops is very difficult when applied to merit applications.

Besides, voters are also interested in economic growth and many of the major issues of the country. Corruption, corruption; There are still many inadequacies.

He was elected deputy head of the Nai provincial office to vote for voters before responding to the voters. Hen. He was in charge of three areas – Enhan Trak, Long Than and Bian Ho.

Provincial Peoples Committee was formed to encourage linkage with Vin Quai to get more connections with other residents. H. Vinh Cuu said, "Although rains have a storm, the voters are busy enough time to vote.

On local issues reflected by voters, the Wuhan Uyang urged local leaders to appoint cadres and explain if a government is right for voters. If the government is not okay, if it is wrong then it should be correctly corrected.

In the fight against corruption, the party and the state have quietly stopped the existence of the barricades that have not been found to be banned anywhere in the past. , No "heavy down, slightly above" status.

Shri VO Von Peng: There is no idea about safe landing - photo 1

Mr. Wu Wu Wuong Winshui (Dong Nam)

Picture: Lam Lam

Mr. Wu Tuong said that we have been seeking serious treatment from the Polit Bureau member, party central committee, provincial party committee secretary and deputy minister. From retirement to retired positions, positions, retired, finding fault and safe landing can not be tackled. Army, Police, and areas that are not yet maintained. "

Tuang said that the government needed government supervision to prevent political ideology, morality, and anti-corruption activities.

Because the best known people are aware of their generous bad luck and their well-known area, the poor, or the party's members, their colleagues know very well.

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