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Messi, Argentina's telecom dream re-launched, U23 Vietnam-24 football

February 1, 2019 00:09 AM (GMT + 7)

Lionel Messi informed the Argentine fans about the good news, and this year they were able to achieve a big goal in "Albilik".

Messi's video of a 1/8 win over Kings XI:

This year, Barcelona entered the Kings Cup quarter-finals. A week earlier, Ramon Sánchez went to the San Jacques Guanuevans, who lost 0-2 defeat against Sevilla, and beaten Andrews 6-1, 6-1.

Just before the team's coach Pablo Munch, the "ruin" of the club, Lionel Messi It is one of the brightest stars. The captain of "Catwoman Giant" once scored a goal for Sarke Roberto Golden Goal to score 90 goals for a goal of 6-1.

Messi resumed Argentina's dream to break the match, and the U23 did not wait to defeat the Vietnam general

Messi showed resistance to Sevilla

That was 19th goal Messi In La Liga this season helped maintain a second position. Lisiss Suarez team "Scored" (scoring) No. 1 for the third consecutive year Spain.

During the performance of Barça, Messi He gave good news to the fans in Argentina. On March 22nd and 27, this year, Venezuela and Morocco will again be exporting a 31-year-old Super Star Alertie to participate in two friendly events.

With France 3-3 in the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Messi has not played a single match for Argentina.

The re-export of "La Pulla Atomic" will now benefit you and Tango team too. Argentina's main earnings are Argentina. Mercy will again recruit two major competitions before joining Argentina in the 2019 Copa America campaign.

The group B has an Argentine in the Brazilian tournament from June 14 to July 7. Colombia, Paraguay and West Asia – and Qatar guest teams. Messi will have a chance to fight directly with Falik, James Rodríguez and Juan Quiddo. UAE to reach Asia Cup final

Qatar coach Felix Sánchez, who led UAV team against penalty against China's Vietnam U23 team coach Park Heng Seo in the Asian UV semi-final, last 23 years. In 2019, the army will be able to fight against Messi and Copa America.

Messi resumed Argentina's dream to break the match, waiting to beat U23 Vietnam-2 champion

In the 2018 Asian U 23, Coach Felix Sanchez lost to Yuvi Qatar

Messi has been criticized for his defeat twice in the Copa América and the Copa América Centauri in 2017.

Previously, Barcelona's 10th GER and Togo Team lost to the 2014 World Cup final in Germany by 0-1.

Ronaldo Nisbad, Messi Sibikumar: Turn the race between the two legends

With 90 minutes on the field, but Ronaldo feels Messi can do.

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