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Mel B 2014 committed suicide


Mel B says that Spice Girls will be back again

In December, 10210, Mel B attempted suicide when faced with the stress and sorrow of life. This is the information given by Mel B in the new autobiography of October, 2018. The previous three autobiographies of Mel B released.

Mel B and his former husband Stephen Belaphone

Mel B and his former husband Stephen Belaphone

Four years ago, Aspirin refused to commit suicide after 200 years of dying with her husband, Stephen Bellaffan. Mel B says that Stephen himself uses drugs during his time.

"I fooled a man I had promised to love and protect me, that's my husband and my manager, Stephen." After a ten years of marriage, he is now holding a treasure of sex tape and we know that we can destroy our lives and our family, "they explained. .

However, after falling into the last pill, Mel B realized she had done wrong. "Suicide is never answered, I want to change my life and I should go to hospital," said Mel B The Sun.

"The mother of three children" remembered this grief. She admitted that she was often dark and unpredictable days when she was wounded on her face and shoulder. At the time of filming X Factory Show these injuries were often in her body.

A number of confidential information about the relationship with Mel B Stephen Belaphone reveal.

A number of confidential information about the relationship with Mel B Stephen Belaphone reveal.

After losing consciousness, she reached the hospital. When he awoke, Mel B's older ancestors were angry at Phoenix Chie, 19. "Still memory is still following me, the worst time in my life," Mel B recalled.

After leaving the hospital, Mel B was leaving another X Factor recording. Although he was told not to be featured in the next film, Mel Bunu decided to make a location for the Sunday program.

The stylist body chooses a dress that contains both hands and wounds. Mel B also decided to wear the previously selected clothes. "I want people to see these wounds," she said. She also took part in the wedding reception at the Mel B recording.

After 10 years of marriage, Mel Bee and Stephen Belfast have completed their divorce in December 2017. However, couples discuss the cases of child custody and asset divisions in the first half of 2018.

In September 1818, Mel B and Stephen were let off into custody. Mil B denied the allegations of her former husband. Each month a divorce fee of $ 15,000 per month is also available for a monthly divorce payment of $ 5,000.

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