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MC || When Tughang Giang repeatedly said, I'm a bit shy & # 39; Culture

Feelings of the popular fucking are singing

Recently, in the program Fast as lightning, Said the actress, who was chatting with the actor, Hunan Fuhing. In particular, when Huynh Phuong reveals that his love as a "love", he said it was a period of "borus rice": "The pain is the same, it's just like a dream, and only once is a pain and is lost forever." It was a worry for a male student. "Take care of my brother".

<img alt = "MC – repeats Tugong Giang as photo 1" data-src = "" caption = "school When used as MC-photo 1, Giang is less frequent

Truong Giang Fast as lightning

Photo: Screen capture

This incident did not end there. "Quang Kuang" repeatedly hugged Huang Fueng's love affair and attracted many viewers regularly. When you see a star Tomorrow is tomorrow If you have a question, Tughgang Giang said: "When the heart stops, all the pain goes to the brain, there is nothing except my silhouette in the brain." Or "When the heart begins to worry, everything will expire and the end of pain will be the nostalgia.

After the broadcasting, male comedians received little criticism from the public. Truong Giang's fraudulent way has attracted a lot of audience and made the audience upset. A section of the online community has also asked students not to have MD in the program. "God, Mr.Car is awesome, how many times he has not revoked his experience and brings personal stories to such people," said one audience.

The story of his life reveals Khúng Tú Quỳnh

However, the reason for the private life of others is the reason for tragging giang. At the beginning of 2019, he criticized Kneuthy Breweries for breastfeeding with Wu Jianhua in television. In program Super wonder, When you hear the sound Strawberry cake shop One singer Hari Warne said: "Before choosing" why do not you khang tu quin break? ", A singer has not shared a love affair with the public.

<img alt = "MC – photo 2" data-src = "" footer = "school MC – photo2 Giang is often & # 39; s very modest & # 39;

Zhang Tu Guinea's departure from Shanghai on Chongjiang TV revealed

Photo: Screen capture

Although juniors avoided, I was shown in Khong Tu Guy's "half-hearted" verse, "everyone's way" Typically, he said: "Naturally, what is the fear of the Outbreak of the people. People naturally ariyarunt 8 years, or now, in my life to be with each other? Heh, is the Word, but my goal. What starch as compared to the pain I feel?" Comments the song of the male is different from peatujanabhiprayattil Won. Many lead actors Superstar In this broadcast. "Tuing Giang joked in the pain of others, and quite unworthy," one viewer was dissatisfied.

Read the wrong name of the artist with the Tanahan Hand, "argue with each other"

Terokne Giang's audience was disappointed by influencing the main character of a award function. More precisely, the name of the movie is a movie named 'Human Comedy La Land' instead of the name of the right group in the La Law School Reference. When he realized the mistake, he apologized and fiery in a bad way. Mr. The Nha Phuong Commune said: "You have to turn to the Tanhinhhh phone again, and your hand will be done."

<img alt = "MC – photo 3" data-src = "" caption = "Tragangggg" multiple times "MC – photo 3" Very simple & # 39;

The name Gianniye is wrong when it comes to MC when it comes to MC

Photo: TL

The name continued to be used to invite Türgen Gayongung Anne Tuway to accept the invitation. Bui An Tuvan read again and again. Actor who remembers and reminded Thang Hang Superstar I'm not afraid to argue with my super-hand using the supermodel of the woman because I think I'm not reading the mistake. Hay Ann Togon then made a mistake to mislead the wrongdoer in 1983. Nevertheless, he did not forget that the Thanhang hang was causing discomfort to viewers. "The only thing is where the phone is now, to prepare Tung Giang wonders for next newspapers.

After the end of the presentation, Tuaggon replied to the Giangaon Personal page before expressing regret for the audience and artists. He wrote: "Welcome all here, because I'm not good because Truggong is in trouble today and I explain that I'm still wrong." As MC, Tugong Giang was very bad.

MC Mayen is the MC Criticized

During the making of MC with Thanh Hang, Tuang Giang van Mai Hoon also criticized the "less beautiful" rights of the stage. Specifically, when rendering the vocals If you come When reminiscent of singer Pham Hong Fukku when he sang his audience, he was staying to see the wai May. Hong does not remember this thing. When the song was introduced, Traggong Giang continued to "shake the rock": "House House Hart?" Van Mai to talk to Hoon: "Now when I got to the stage I promised to make myself a cham but still why are you so beautiful?"

In addition, the "cutting cutting" between Tughang Giang and Hari Warne is a matter of public opinion. The pronunciation of the Tran Tanh community is not fundamentally important because it has been asked to change the num DAN COM several times MC. Although they know that they are just jokes, the audience is unhappy. These two problems are less speculative about the contradiction to abandon the program.

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