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MC Cuene Lynn: "I Will Leave It All This Year"

Saturday, 18/05/2019 15:08 AM (GMT + 7)

All the hearts were submitted to do social programs, and Qissen Lin said to himself, "Someone has joined himself to himself" …

In the latest live streaming of her personalized page, the artist of Qin Lin was first expressing her feelings about artists. Previously, the man-born male was born in 1969 known as the gentle, noisy person of the slobs.

The show was shot by Quinne "Mysterious singer"I've been tired for 3 consecutive days, and while my health wakes up, he's talking to the audience.

MC Quynen Linh:

Quine Lin is considered a "national" MC.

Many told me that I wanted money, desires, and desires

"I'm a cow, plowing and digging for social events, I have been able to get up from 4-5, and I have a habit of doing something well on Facebook, so I'm a romantic person and so I found a beautiful picture on the internet. Sometimes it's time to comment I use only icons that can comment.

I answered all the comments on Facebook. Sometimes the audience blamed me for answering this person and leaving someone else. I do not have thousands of comments and I want to find sympathy for the audience.

I displayed the entire show and sometimes wanted to shrink the tired eyes. Not as interesting as an artist. I was like a tomato, but sad.

MC Queue Lin:

The simplicity and simplicity of Quinille Lynne.

Many told me that I wanted money, desires, and desires. Actually I have nothing, because do you understand life as to what tomorrow? Now I have no right to say without money. I have a happy life, I do not want to be busy. Now I do a lot of things for the society. My job is very stable. I regret that the society will go a long way.

If I do not go there, bridges will not be built. If I do not go home, their children have no chance of having heart surgery. If you do not go to a distant place, the family will not escape poverty … I'm going with all these things. I am tired and tired.

If I was an office, I'm definitely not going to do that. I will be in Ho Chi Minh City and shoot airconditioning in the studio.

People say, "This grandfather is a workaholic, and he's a partner and self-made." No. I had a lot of unfortunate and difficult life because I did not participate. I need to be in Ho Chi Minh City to make more money, not too much. "

MC Queue Lin:

Quine Lin performs many social programs.

I became a powder, and I returned to the soil

Artists such as silk silk worked hard and created hundreds of mates. In Facebook, there are many who want to ask their names and I'm famous … I'm an emotional person. He who knows me is precious. Who does not understand me, blame me. Life. Sometimes that's it.

This was just like my recent contribution. Someone on my Facebook "You donate, donate, say." I did not say that. I want to spread the message "Let's go for ever". When a person leaves his donors, the better the sprout will be 6.7 people.

I think it's a human work, what is the meaning of this name's myth? I am old, hit the ball. I will give it to you. My strength is limited, I can not help, I can take care of it.

No problem, someone said that. It's important that I can sleep at night. I like the song "The Trst of the Congress Son". The song's content speaks to my thoughts.

MC Queue Lin:

Kesen's wife and two daughters.

I became a powder, and I returned to the soil. Then came a message: "What are the money?" That's okay, how much money do you need? How much money is enough, but many do not know what to do. I do not intend to get rich, and my desire shares the joy of more people. But many blame me. Sometimes I feel sad. I do not know what the day is, but it does not matter.

I do not know how to satisfy everyone. How to love one another is love. Maybe this year I will go. Bored and weary. The more you do, the more you blame. Sometimes I thought, "What do I want to do if I do?"

Is this a suspiciously successful Qin Lin?

Many wondered about the program "Program Self" program that prevents broadcasting.

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