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Maureen's anguish is by digging a reservoir from your anger

Jose Mendoo was the coach of the time he achieved the mauling Felaini. He sprinkled a bottle of water and did not get inside, and he placed the nearby house in the yard and threw it into the courtyard.

Many people do not think they're worried about the morale or the worst performances of students, but is that true? To answer this question, in a brief interview with Manchester Sun News Newsletter Midfielder Chris Sling, After the match against Maureen asked at the dressing room.

The younger one contrasted with the people who were not mistaken: We were happy to have what we wanted, but we could have scored more goals in the game, but above all we succeeded and qualified to advance. "

Mourinho's attitude reveals before playing as a player

Mourinho pushed a bottle of water into the garden.

Earlier, Mourinho explained that the water bottle was thrown away. "It was a relief, the goal came and I found something that would be better to get rid of the stress, and I could not sit on the pitch performance."

Mourinho honestly spoke to the media about her celebrity celebration with Smyling's participation.

Mourinho Master United expected to get a ticket in the knockout rounds.

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