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Market managers know thieves are gone, but they can not handle them better


Creating business products creates a more complex and confusing market management force.

In a meeting held on January 29, the Standing Committee agreed that Mr. Tran Huin Lin, Director General of the 389 National Companies, Market Management Department (Ministry of Direct & Industry) Not fake, but can not handle it.

The director general of the Department of Marketing Management said that information about fake drinks at Han Doang, La Fu (Hoi Druk, Hanoi) had been kept up for years. Market managers do not know. However, there are difficulties in dealing with and dealing well from knowing how to deal well.

It is difficult to process where the fake goods are made .If the market is responsible for the motive, then if this power is not enough, it should also coordinate with the authorities. Others, "Linh said.

Tran Hu Lunesh - General Director of Marketing Management General Department.

Tran Hu Lunesh – General Director of Marketing Management General Department.

Tran Hu Lino said that the La Fu Mixed Production Center would be a unique place to provide "fake" goods across the northern province, where the production and production of the family is the easiest. Show more than ever. Many businesses are difficult to register with entrepreneurs, so they need to look at independent centers to determine whether the products are low quality and counterfeit products.

If you make a low-cost wine in a low-cost wine, you have to pay Rs. 18,000 per house. The company was examined by the management and found that this company was checked. Market managers and police have been legally authorized in the lounge ward; however, this facility is still more complex. Nonetheless, this is a small retail family that has been allocated to the financial wing of the Wu Waw Ward, and so it handles the area for consideration and management.

In 2018, the steering committee reported 202,980 cases of 202,980 cases collected and collected in the VND budget. Out of these, 1,980 cases were prosecuted and 2,340 prosecuted. About 40 per cent of the market-based violations and 81,000 cases have been allocated over 490.2 billion.

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