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La Ti's body image created Vietnamese fans, Thai Aristimis-Beauty


Tuesday, February 19, 2019 18:02 PM (GMT + 7)

In recent years, Go Hopper Dog Van van Lam has urged Thai fans to grow a beautiful body like a statue.

Vietnam vehemently confiscated the image of a lammy body, Thai Armitmayaia - 1

Recently, photographs of Dam Van Lam and his teammates were at the Muangthong United Club Home page after much intensive training in Kirin Valley.

Vietnam revealed the secret of the body of lamestine to the fans - Thai

The most striking spotlight player in the film is Dam Van Lamm. White skin, bright smile, "undesirable" body will help Van Laam to attract all eyes. Van Lam is not difficult to communicate and communicate with foreign language conversion in English and Russian.

The secret of La Bella's bronze created Vietnamese fans, 3 Thai Arihmamamyas - 3

In order to get an important body among foreign players, a tumor is practiced by a player's strict training and nutrition strategy. In addition to eating regularly, the players are always known to drink ginseng. This drink increases the immune system, reduces fatigue, increases the thinking and physical strength.

The secret of the body of Lam Tai is the fan of Vietnamese fans and the Thai umra

After 8 am breakfast, the gym and swimming pools will be done to ordinary people. Eat food at 12 noon. In the afternoon, the players took a snack of time before going to the training ground. When Muangthong goes to the United team, swimming techniques are still maintained regularly.

The secret of La Lloyd's bronze created Vietnamese fans, 5th of Thai aeromides

According to Gerald Princess, the players will eat long, efficient resources and restrict the consumption of meat. After drinking Jinsang, they washed with rice rice and white rice and egg. Lunch meals include shrimp, fish, chicken, beef and vegetables.

The secret of Lumi Tee's bronze created Vietnamese fans, and 6 Thai aeromimians

In addition to many other players, the Dam Van Gol went on to score his goal for the goal keeper. In order to ensure consistent performance within 90 minutes, in addition to professional training, goalkeeper van Laam must have more physical training to improve his fitness.

The secret of the bronze of Lamnye Tay has created Vietnamese fans, Thai Aranthamiyas - 7

As a result of the Vietnam-Russian blood transport, a high body structure, muscle, muscle roll, and hi-fi club in football to play and play football from a young boy.

The secret of the bronze of Lamnye Tay has created Vietnamese fans, and Thai aerials - 8

If you follow this 9X guy personal page, it's easy to understand, lam tea often spends more time for gym, swimming and other sports activities.

The secret of Lumi Tei's bronze created Vietnamese fans, 10 Thai aerialias

Lin is currently going to Mwangongong University. Thai League's "Rich Child" spent more than $ 500,000 and $ 10,000 to get the number 1 player in Vietnam. Additionally, Muangthong provides private houses, cars and bonuses on the basis of personal achievements and team of Van Lam.

Drink ginsengi, eat 4000 kcal, La Ti and colleagues are one

Vietnam's participant in the 2019 Asian Cup competition will be able to eat in a special menu.

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