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Kareal: Agricultural wildlife to sell teats, 70 million in the last month of the year

February 1, 2019 05:00 AM (GMT +7)

Over the past nine months, we have sold more than 70 million VENDs to the customers for food and gifts for MiGen Duckin, Chin Long 1, We Ban Town and La Ham District (La Dong province). Building visuals …

In the last days of the year, PV Venus visits Vision Farm. Dan Vitti also inspires the farm owner when he sees this company growing. Especially on the day of the holidays, Mr.Yan always keeps ordering the customer on the phones on the phone, then the birds do, and closes the boxes to transfer to distant customers.

Promising Call: Breeding FSEND to sell teats, 70 million in the last month of the year - 1

Eat your fancy farming. Photo: van Long.

"By the end of the year, I was very busy because customers were creating or developing birds, and my birds are well known for their protection and breeding, so consumers have very credible and support, regular ordering, and most of them are patrons," he said.

Promising Call: Tate, end of the year, 70 million pickets selling Breeding Fest

The beast is carefully carried on the model of wild animals, the quality of the meat is good, so many people love it. Photo: van Long.

In the past, the family of the pigs raised the pigs, but resolved changes and variations, and he tried to transform animals. In the Internet research, the Tynean birds have found that birds are healthy birds, their products, markets, good consumption, and so they try to experiment with 40 pious patrons.

So far, there are more than 2,000 commercial installations raised in the 3,000-mile area of ​​the Thine farm, especially local, TP. Deliver to customers Ho Chi Minh.

Promising Call: Breeding Festant to sell teats, the year's end is 70 million - 3

Now, the commercial coffee makers of over 2000 children are Mr. Photo: van Long.

About 70 million VVDs were sold to sell biomass from selling meat and meat. 200,000 VND / kg With the price of pure bird meat, customers get much better feedback from my customers with much satisfaction, "Thien proudly shared.

Offer urges: Breeding fest to sell teat this month is $ 70 million - 4

Just a month selling tat birds, Mr. Tin VND 70 million. Photo: van Long.

Until now, Mr. Finn still maintains the care of poultry farming. In the coffee plantations, the B40 grid is surrounded with a plastic net and surrounded by birds all day long. The feed for birds is mainly corn grass. Breeding This way, the bird meat is very firm, and when sweet and firmly processed, so the customers really prefer.

In addition, savings have been provided to provide automatic drinking water for the birds to save time. Thanks to that, he has taken time to raise silkworms and grow coffee …

Promising is called: Breeding Festant to sell teats, last year's 70 million - 5 months

Through semi-forest paths, your brain's brain gives better quality, sweetness and flesh than other firms. Photo: van Long.

In order to distribute the seeds in his field, he invested in the incubator boldly. It helps to keep the heads of birds in order to bring food. Often, commercial poultry meat is served to restaurants and restaurants.

In addition to selling commercial pigeons, Windda provides beautiful decorative birds to guests to play over 700,000 / paddock.

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