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He dreamed a dream, and I dreamed him

Thursday, 29/11/2010 08:20 AM (GMT + 7)

General of the General of the General of the Year is a two-day, 1-12 days. Last Sunday was his wife Warwi's anniversary.

In the writer Le Manha's personal Facebook written before his mother's death.

"Last year she felt sad:

Life is a dream

He dreamed a dream, and I dreamed him

She has been active for 45 years. He has the last years of her life. Both of them presented characters in his life. Now he alone wins the disease "

Thousands of tens of thousands of visitors, like this article. Flowers were given flowers in love moments like Faaley Tals. The picture was taken when a serious illness was affected. Looking closely, she will see the feeding tube.

He dreamed the dream, I dreamed - 1

"Privilege" … away

Poetry is true in the life of the grandmother. Four thousand injured. Working at home, raising children, and waiting for her husband.

Life of a grandfather, like life of warriors, is simple and hard.

His son crossed south when he was 6 years old, his youngest daughter was above 4 years of age. And through the battlefield. US bomb blasts in the northern region have been evacuated by military camps on the roads aged between 5 and 6 years. She was taken care of at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Hospital, where she stayed in Hanoi. On the weekend, she visited the children and evacuated three children in three places, 30-40 km away from Hanoi. There are mainly two children. As soon as he visits his son, people running bikes fall into the feet of the buried ones. Do not be alone to help her. She entered her house with her broken arm.

The criteria for food are left and divided into children. Meat, they make cake and sends candy to nursery students every day for delivery to children. Lodge 91 Ly Nam De is a big yard, she lives with chickens. The thief was cleaning the chickens. Early in the morning she went to Dong Zen Market and chicken just sold chicken and said, "These chickens are mine". Come on. After some time a man came out of the ceiling and said, "Comfortable, come and take this chicken."

By the time the northern bomb had been abolished from 70 to 72, children had time to go to school doctors to study in Hanoi. At that time bin de. On Saturday afternoon she walked towards the bicycle; Many days are cold bones, kids from the entrance to freezing.

After the unity of the country, she had some "privileges". They were on April 30-4, 1975. When she came back to Hanoi, she said a lot of strange things, take a little noodles, without any purchase. The neighbors were amazed by the packages that made it new. Nobody knew the shrimp noodles at that time.

In 1976, he was appointed as the commander of the ninth Army. She lives in Ho Chi Minh City. From 1979 to 1986, he was the commander of the Vietnamese volunteer command and commander in Cambodia.

In the last 30 years, the husband is to come to her husband until the end of the Defense Department at the end of 2016. In the same year they were always with him.

During the time he was the president of the country, while he was away, she accompanied her to visit foreign troops to see foreign troops. She gets home guests and she always sat next to her. But he spoke humbly, but he smiled deeply. People in the queue are very funny, humia, bin dinhil, and fu yen. There are powerful drivers … true and smile is inadmissible.

He dreamed of dreams, and I dreamed - 2

In May 1996, President Lee Dunne's wife visited the Air Force Regiment 937

All foods were supposed to be for him and slept. Even if he is alone in the hospital, he alone can eat food. Often it is to overcome the disease, her knowledge is to help her with a doctor's wife and her heart. She was taken to hospital when she was taken care of. She entered the hospital, visited her every day and hand washed her hair for hours. When they both entered the hospital, he jumped up to see her.

In the new year, children celebrating their grandmother gave their grandmother a grandmother to celebrate the boys in the New Year. With her grandfather and grandmother, the first film does not have every bag.

Simple and honesty is not enough

They are very similar, they are very simple and economical.

She lives in Ho Chi Minh City and is still cooking with firewood, wood and firewood. She cut off the tree and cooked the rice. Her shirt was in her hands. The home of Ho Chi Minh home is not always black, but comes to the room. Grandmothers are saving in public service at Hanoi. The tap is small and the soap is pulled out of the water and try to prevent it from opening soap. She gave her the child, as she did to her.

Tear the paper towel twice. At the same time, a paper towel is pulled out of worship and has a grandmother.

Nguyen The Nga, who served for the past 30 years, said: "We had to put on his clothes during a festive occasion, but we always see her beautiful clothes.

She has pants, old days, and unknown years. He says, "There are two Europeans, he's wearing clothes from 1976 until now, but he's still using new firepower, he's still used as a firepower, but the cotton shirt and pajamas are so long ago that he uses it and not to waste it." – Senior Police Officer Nguyen Maan said.

The grandmother's kitchen has a 30-year-old man. The electric cooker is 40 years old. Corruption is going to fix it, but not for new purchases. "The station's headquarters are replaced here, but they kept it, and my brothers and sisters wanted to buy new ones, but when Hong came back to the hospital with a new refrigerator, they knew they were furious if they left the station.

He should not be bought and he is limited to accepting other prizes. Lieutenant General Nguyi Chiin said that he left the General Lee Deux Ann, visiting his wife and wife. Couple two set of dishes Minh Long, a table, bought 6 chairs. At the afternoon the security guard at the school called out: "Mister, he asked the plate to feed the calf for the next meal."

Grandfather's food is simple. Every morning, Mrs. Mrs. She told me to buy a little, she ate enough. In fact, since he served as the president, his food remained unchanged. Often cooked shrimp, sour shrimp, rim ribs, bitter walnut soup and sour soup. In the morning there is more sweet potatoes … Tastier, he eats a lot, eat anything, eat, eat and eat.


In life, the birth of a foreigner has a general meaning, but for years together, the birth storms that were born in their emotions saw the birth disasters born from his brother. She died on November 18, 2016.

He waited for a message from the 108-day newspapers, which washed away after his initial meal, when he was in hospital. After afternoon, he visited her for an hour. He sat silently in her arms until he could no longer recognize him. An accident happened a few weeks before her death. That evening, she tired to visit her as usual. However, when the dinner is over, when she becomes so tired at the hospital, she needs immediate need if she urgently needs to relax. When she arrived, she died. After some time, he had stretched out his hand.

At that time, the Defense Ministry was sitting in a wheelchair before the 96-year-old general house. He raised his hands to tell him to leave. When my friend sent me to the last resting place, the old man was shivering with tears.

Now he was upset. You are always with him to win the battle with your partner.

Her altar at 5A Hoang Dieu is always warm, simple, and elegant.

Bring the sparkling light on water, the incense and the fruit for lunch, at noon the brothers should be put on incense.

In about 30 years ago, NGA said, "My hair is silver, I'm very lazy, and she's very handsome … I've been with my grandparents in the last few years, and my brothers and sisters in the family are their grandfather, simple, smart and profitable, expressing their emotions in words. .. "

Le Le is the only guest in the camp with her husband for 30 years. Like him, she lay in the military style for decades. Grandmother's parents are preserved and preserved historical and spiritual values.

The place where you live is a very special place.

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