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Economics may be a non-secure confidentiality when issuing bank tax information


Accordingly, the Tax Administration Administration (Amendment) submits to the National Assembly of India and clearly defines the responsibilities of related organizations and individuals (business registration certificates or business registration certificates, state treasuries, commercial banks, house transfer, Niyas Agencies etc.) to provide tax information to the taxpayers.

Specifically, commercial banks should provide transactions in transactions through the taxpayer account balances within ten days of receipt of the payment request information. Tax rule.

According to the lawyer, Turgan Tanh Druk (Basio Law Firm), this control In 2006, tax administration was incorporated and circuaries were implemented. However, now regulator restrictions are restored.

"When this provision is implemented, the confidentiality of the Customer Information will be confidential, if it is not clear how regulation is clear, it will create a loophole that will soon affect the decision to give the information as soon as possible, and if the tax authorities do not verify and verify the information, Do not guarantee and the bank will not guarantee the confidentiality of the customers.

M According to the Duke, state management agencies should block commercial fraud or taxation in accordance with the law, for strict regulation. Instead of asking for a list of thousands of consumers, legal requirements need to clarify and provide information on their authorities and how to protect them.

Earlier, State Bank wrote to the Finance Ministry for a large amount of money from e-commerce business to participate in various stages of tax deductions. Respond to draft law (taxation) for tax administration The State Bank assures that the tax administration is the work of the Tax Administration, and therefore the task of commercial banks is not appropriate.

State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) says the responsibility for tax administration is not based on the activities and objectives of SBVI. No country has been able to find a way to bring the same banking regulation to the SBV central bank through an overview of the international experience.

According to the agreement between the Commercial Bank and the Tax Officer, the state bank's document is central to collecting taxes and other budgets. In this coordination relationship, Commercial Bank is the product of the services related to the person or entity liable to pay tax. Accordingly, the obligation to cooperate with tax administration, processing, data control, information transmissions and tax payer support is mandatory under this agreement between the Commercial Bank and the Tax Offices.

As commercial banks recommend tax concessions from customers' accounts without consumer's consent, SBV said: This is the legal rights and interests of the organization or individual, the right to a Constitution and the law is not compatible with the responsibility of protecting client interests.

Spoke with PV representative of the State Bank. In fact, commercial banks pay only payment services, not payment units, so they do not have the right to reduce them. "Banks that can not be taxed can not be able to make real income, but the tax money is not a middleman but should work directly with the provider," he stressed.

In reply to the Finance Ministry, SBV said: "Current law states that commercial banks will be informed only as requested by state agencies for inspections, probe and prosecution, trial, execution …

"The information and information of the taxpayer in this clause is periodically extended, which may violate the rules governing the implementation but not at the same time, with the requirements of data protection specified in Article 14 of the Credit No. 2 to the Credit Institutions," SBV said.

Therefore, SBV confirmed: The collection of open tax payers in the bank is huge, so periodical information required for tax administration will be difficult for the taxpayer. Practically impossible to implement. In addition, in principle, the provision of the information will be applicable to accounts and taxpayers on tax-exchanges and neglecting the responsibilities of their tax liabilities.

"Periodically revealing the taxpayer's information to the extent that this restriction can be misused in the implementation process," a State Bank statement confirmed in a written reply. Finance.

At the afternoon of November 15, concern about the draft law on tax administrators (amendment) draft law, expressed concern over the control of Thai Farm (Quang Ngai) deputies. Customer's amount as requested by the tax authorities.

According to Ms Trang, it is not appropriate to admit that the confidentiality of customer information is the principle of the bank according to the credit institutions.

If the bank provides tax information, the risk of unsafe confidentiality - photo 1

Suggest banks to remit account to tax authorities

In accordance with tax law, commercial banks have to transact through their accounts, and have to pay their account balances within 10 working days upon receiving the request. Tax administration information

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