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Doctor on hot seat power. Le Tam Dumong Hong Khan protested

One of the most interesting things for the "hot seat" program is the players, judges, and their own views to raise their own views, as well as issues that advocate for protection. That view. On the judge's "Spirituality", the episode 7 broadcast was on Wednesday, when there was an unconvincing comment on Miss Hong Giang My Temple.

In the Hot Seat Power & # 39;Guest judge Miss Hong Gian My.

Miss Christmas is about my statement, appreciating her cultural beliefs, and crying out all the superstitions at the same time.

Christmas does not agree with candidates based on the previous study of previous years.

"My father always said," Oh my father said honestly … "Even if our father was an old man, and every time I did what I experienced, he said," Our father went over, learned, improved, developed everything, We need to appreciate and cultivate traditional cultural beliefs … We turn to goodwill, "says Giant," the spirituality, the faith, the culture of the family, the well-living and the outside. "

In 1971 Miss. As part of the birthday celebrations, audiences from Tan Wan Hugo and Nguyen Van Chung received a response from the audience.

In the Hot Seat Power & # 39;Dr. Le Tham Duong.

But Judge Lee Shanking did not fully agree with women judges. He said that everyone has a different attitude. So the problem is not correct, but the story is right.

Prior to coming into the subject, all the judges of the program emphasize the importance of respect for each other.

It is a good reference to spirituality. Says Tam Duang. But if it is exploited, superstitions will not be bad, criticized, condemned or helped each other to avoid this problem.

He also analyzes various kinds of superstitions. Mainly affects mental disorders. Hunch or fall news, mental health, emotions, pressure, and motivation. Those who fall in the above cases are often poor people, lose self confidence and high intellectuals, but the life of the brain is not very high. "There is a reliance to later: go with your knowledge," he advised.

Each of the two judges has their own point of view.

In the Hot Seat Power & # 39; In Tam dumang was against Hong KongAuthor Nagun Van Chung

Writer Enuguain van Chung said, "Spirituality, fun shoes, curiosity, exploration, but do not burden, it does not look like a decisive factor for human life, life, health, physical and psychological – knowledge – lifestyle.

Men's musicians respect the respect of culture, such as the ancient temples, reminding them about worship and worship based on folk beliefs.

In the Hot Seat Power & # 39; Lam Tam Tam dong was angry at AnhComedian num.

Unlike Nguyen Van Chung, "Thing a belief for the need for fear," but superstition does not, since the selected information is reasonable and discerning, we admit that blindness is superficial.

In the Hot Seat Power & # 39; Lam Tam Tam Dongg protested against Hong Young and Hong Kong photo 5Tan Van Hugo.

Tatra Wu Hugo agrees to go to the Bhavya Turner, but MC Confirmed, believe in themselves. "I believe in what you are doing today, tomorrow will be tomorrow, my future, my future … no foreigners, they are not incense, but they are their customs, they can follow their spiritual beliefs. There is nothing wrong with it, it's not stable or fitting, "she shared.

Each player, Dr. In the Tam Tamang music composer Nguyen van Chung, he argued the most. He advised Nu Tu to be more specific in his viewpoint. His van Hugo, in his opinion, opposed.

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