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Direct Tennis ATP Finals Day: Jovovikiki Federer Soon Table

Friday, 16/11/2010 10:04 AM (GMT + 7)

(Tennis Predictions, ATP Finals 2018 6 Final Final Gug Curren) The final round of the ATP Final Round of 2018 is very attractive.

The contest Zverev – Isner is reported directly and invites you to watch!

Djokovic Video Game – Suarev First:

Suarev – Isner, 21 May, November 16th

In the men's doubles, the group lost to Suarev and Eisner in the final. In the semi-finals, Djokovic finished second and second.

Direct Tennis ATP Final Day: Jovovikiki Federer Soon Tables - 1

Suarez is self-determination

Suarev now gains a slight advantage in the subquogue if the German player 2-0 wins the final of the Djouwic.

On the other hand, Isner's door was very narrow. To compete with American "Giant" two opponents who are forced to defeat American American player Javier Javier. Both Suarev, Isner and Célék have won two defeats since they were successful.

An extra score (set in the game, gained the game) is an essential component of the players. So they will enter the war with fierce thunderstorm in order to win the war.

The direct direct encounter in the Suarer, in the face of four victories and a defeat against Israel. This war will increase that distance.

Djokovic – Celiac, 3m, 17/11

Joakovic signed in semifinal is very comfortable. Even in the semifinal, Nolik can even decide. In the Hewitt table, Anderson and Roger finished second, while Serbia lost 0-2. Anderson came to meet me.

Direct Tennis ATP Final Day: Jovovikiki Federer Soon Tables - 2

Joachim has many advantages

If Israel is in Zverev, then Sergey is in a confrontation with Zoukvik and absolutely breathless. He said Croatia represented representatives of all who performed well with Jocovico.

Celic believes that the drop will improve with Joachim's score of 16-2.

Federer and Anderson: Repeat the game

Anderson was in high form, and the other decided to play ahead with Federer.

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