Wednesday , March 22 2023

Congress has gone through many laws


Representative Tang Kwang Chu (Nam Dinh).

Representative Tang Kwang Chu (Nam Dinh).

Earlier this week, national assemblies passed important decisions. Ie, reviewing the intermediate public investment scheme of 2016-2020. Please vote on adoption of a resolution agreeing on the Comprehensive Partnership and Transformal Partnership (CPTPP) and related documents. Vote by law to protect the state secrets.

In the plenary session of the law hall, discussions were held to prevent alcohol and beer during last weekend. With the view of the Draft Board, the National Assembly deputies expressed their agreement on the need of the law. Accordingly, many delegates have been recognized as a "law for the prevention of harm to alcohol and beer". The name was simple and easy to understand, and it was easy for publicity and admission. The people's law. Control to control the behavior of alcohol and beer determines not only this but also the responsibility of other subjects. This name refers to harmful views of alcohol and beer. Take preventive measures to respond to defamation and to make negative consequences.

Apart from our country and the interests of industry, some laws were created because the drinking habits of long periods existed in many countries. The liquor industry contributes to the annual budget in the state budget. This directly creates indirect jobs.

To review the report, the National Association for Social Affairs (ICAO) recognizes the need to enforce public health care laws. Legislation to use current liquor and alcohol Vietnam's rapidly rising levels are getting worse. Panel points out that the World Health Organization's views, alcohol, beer and other sensitive studies are one of the most serious health risks. This is one of the five main reasons for the common disease, diagnosis and death in many countries around the world including Vietnam.

Tran Quang Chu (num dinf) said that two types of different products are subject to the legal system if they are required to understand handicrafts agencies and investigators, wine and beer. . It is not appropriate to recognize alcohol and beer. It is not appropriate to identify alcohol and beer in the same way as in the present law: The third section of Article 20 of the draft law is "Alcohol, Bear Internet". Drugs for the drugs only apply for the following reasons: Alcoholism is a commodity subject to the condition. Laws sold under the Internet under the banner are contrary to current legislation. Under the investment law of 2014, beer is not a social business. Therefore, beer should be considered equally as a business without a right to sell other goods on the Internet. Therefore, if the beer is not sold on the Internet, contrary to the provisions of Article 5 of the Investment Law, contrary to the owner of the Government of India, against the Decree 105/2017 of the Government,

Deputy Nguyen The Tao (Nahheen) said in prohibiting manual liquor production. The Food Safety Lot of 2017 and the 105th of 2017 are still present in the management of alcohol and alcohol abuse and methanol. Evolutionary cases are still complicated. The drink is an alcoholic drink. Manual wine production control should be done urgently. It is urgently needed to ensure the health of the people. The ban on human resource production is justified. Therefore, in addition to promoting communication, do not use alcohol and do not say anything except the handicrafts of anonymous products, the need for a new management model is more effective.

Addressing some of the issues, Health Minister Nguyen Thi said that the comments made by Kim Tein representatives were relevant and that the draft committee will study, "the problem that is good for the people, the highest level, the benefit of what the people do not do." The solution to the harmful effects of alcohol and beans will help reduce the availability of drinks and manage excise taxes and control the advertising. Hence, it should maintain the balance between the benefits of social benefits and human health and the benefits of human health. The Draft Council will adopt and edit it continuously to submit to the National Assembly.


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