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Coach Dedier deschampu praised Marcioni


Coach Dedier Deschap Søkkjier praised Marshall after his performance. The coach of the franchise will return to the national team if the 23-year-old is in good form.

Deschamp praised Coach Marshall

Anthony Martel did not play well with coach Jose Mourinho, who had a time when he left. Now, born striker Koch Ole Gunnar Solskser, born in 1995, plays well.

Coach Dedier deschampu praised Marcelli's films

French coach returns to the national team to return to the Marshallese team

Red Devils' 11/13 competitions have won since Norway's Tea University led MD on December 19 last year. In this series, Marshall has 3 goals and 2 assists for eight crowns. The French striker always played effectively at the Norwegian teacher's point of view.

The Coach Deacher Deschamp Madrid was praised by the coach Soldier, who confirmed the French coach. If the 23-year-old continues good form, he will return to the national team.

During the lifetime of the players, they played well. But there were times when the difficulties arise. Martell played well at the start of the season. However, at the moment he is at a higher level and the desperate confidence remains.

"I appreciate he's recently shown, Marshall is the best, and if he continues to play continuously, he will get the chance to return to France."

Archery cut cuts After a three-week break in the Champions League, he was diagnosed. However, the MoU has been delighted with the French football, with more than expected, 23-year-old Liverpool, this weekend.

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