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CEO of the world's largest auto company, which is allegedly involved in tax evasion


Tuesday, November 20th 1818 at 16:12 pm (GMT +7)

Japan's Nissan Renault Mitsubishi Automobile Alliance CEO has been arrested for tax evasion and financial transactions in Japan.

The CEO of the world's largest auto company, which has been accused of tax evasion

Carlos Gosn, chief executive officer, was arrested in Japan

Car industry has collapsed when Nissan Chief Ranjit Mitsubishi's chief executive Carlos Ghosean was arrested in Japan, the world's largest automobile corporation. The first allegations against Gosnnes are that they do not report income sources (tax evasion) accurately and do not accurately record the violation of the union's financial laws.

Nissan has confirmed that Gos and Kelly have conducted a domestic investigation over the allegations. The court found Khoson guilty of $ 44 million in revenue for five years in violation of financial regulation in Japan. Last year's survey by Gozz and Kelly revealed that there was a lower turnover than the Tokyo Securities Commission.

In addition, he has found other wrong practices, such as the company's assets and intervention in Kille. Nizone's CEO Hirato, Seikawala Board of Directors, Nizhny Nisan representative Goshen will be removed. Michelle Chief Prussian Mr. To remove the title Greg Kelly, Sokhawa also suggested.

The dominance of the major members of the alliance will affect the development of the world's largest car alliance. Currently in Mitsubishi, three major companies, Volkswagen and Toyota, have become the largest car corporation in the world. In Europe, Renault's shares fell by 15%. Nissan's shares fell 11 per cent.

CEO of the world's largest auto company

Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi helped Cucas overcome these issues

The son of a Lebanese-born family in Brazil was born in Brazil. The machine started his life in France, and moved to Renout. After taking control of Renault in 2001 and becoming the CEO of the company in 2001, he joined Nissan. Last year, he continued.

Fortune magazine was named Man of the Year in 2003, and also worked in Akola, Sony and IBM. In 2005, Gosin became Renault's General Manager. Succeeded Louis Schweitzer. Along with Nissan CEO. His biggest achievement is the offensive of his fiasco. The exact policy of the Nissan CEO, not only helps helpless, but Nissan and his associations are the first world.

The Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance overtakes major companies like Volkswagen and Toyota to boost global production in 2016. In the first half of 2018, Narendra Modi retained his top spot in the capability of Goenka.

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