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Buying a home for foreigners will be banned in Vietnamese

As of May 27, 2013, the National Continent's Land Reform Act of 2013 passed into consideration and observed the Monitoring Report on Urban Development.

It deals with national association, from voters' interest to practical contradictions.

Consequences from legal gaps

Between 2006 and 2011 there were about 2,500 homes and new urban development projects in the country. Of these, 635 new urban areas are only 20 hectares or more.

By 2017, new Life Information Projects and Housing Development Projects will be provided to 4,438 projects. A total of $ 4.8 million investment and planned mapping area is 110,331. Hectare uses 284 schemes with 50 hectares or more urban areas. However, there are still shortcomings and limitations in urban planning, management and use.

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The supervision mission of the National Assembly was the largest real estate giant in Vietnam, but there were not many names for observations.

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Observers have pointed out that there has been a number of consequences since the "lawful gaps" still exist. In the process of making legal documenting, the visibility and prediction of the policies and impact assessment still limits.

Giving a slow plan is one thing, and the quality of urban planning projects is considered to be low. The construction status does not comply with the planning and control mechanisms of architecture. Arrangement of planning, particularly local planning and local planning of local planning, is one-sided, even in the planning of investors according to investors.

The mechanism of changing contractor's appointment, from industry and service to urban area, does not guarantee legal processes and bases. Allow to be adjusted not according to the preserved forest land. The land use plan is not, not suitable, suitable material. The land permits when the investment certificate document expires; Allows to transfer when the real estate project is not eligible; Land must be utilized by landed land with landless units, and land acquisition for long-term, sustainable use to find buyers of villas and apartments. It happens in many places.

Specific land value is not matched with market price. This will result in complaints from the redeemers of the state due to the loss of income from the state budget. The difference in the price of land has not been well-managed.

In addition to the officials, the entire business is to be treated

The Land Finance Policy has worked as an income generating source in the state budget. Results of the data collection in 57 places were increased by the state budget for urban development during the period 2014- 2018. Total state budget revenue was increased to 372,516 billion (3 places). Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Bin Duong are the biggest gainers.

However, revenue from the earth was not sustainable as land from land was allocated for land use and that land would be sold all out of land payments for rent. Not configured timely. Effectively exploited resources from urban areas and did not provide resources. Adverse influence on the implementation of social justice did not. Reduces the gap between rich and poor.

Projects that do not fulfill their financial liabilities, land use fees, residence, high pay pay or payments, eg areas: TP. Hanoi, Hai Phong, Bich Giang, Khan Ho, Dong Nai, Bin Duong; Many of the land acquired without land use fees have not been shifted to the landlass under the law.

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In addition to dealing with officials, land-breaking businesses must also be tackled

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Land Acquisition, Compensation, Support, Rehabilitation etc. are still not in line with restrictions, such as the New Urban Area Project on the theme, District 2, and land acquisition limits like Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

With a lot of problems, the deputy governed the government. Meet 16 content, ministries, branches and territories, to take special measures for organizations and individuals to overcome violations in land and urban planning, report to national assembly in tenth session (October 20.20).

Amendments to be made to the appropriate commands in terms of implementation of landholdings in 2013, amendments and shortcomings. Learning and publishing mechanisms and policies for strict enforcement of home buyings and land use rights for land acquisition and land acquisition of foreign nationals.

To review the content of law enforcement for entire tests, city programs, management and use, and report to national assembly in tenth session.

The petition was approved by the Hong Kong Quad Hawm (Foo Dho), but in addition to violations found by the inspector, other than public service agencies and state agencies should be considered suitable for enterprises and investors.

"Without involvement of businessmen and investors, no hand can be chopped, and without violations of civil services and state agencies, it is responsible for violations and responsibility for institutions and investors, so it is necessary to deal with them strictly," Hamm said.

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