Thursday , June 8 2023

BLV Japan: & # 39; s best quang hai in Asia & # 39;


Highlight O.Vietnam 1-0 Japan

Vietnam will face the 2017 Asian Cup quarterfinals Even though the home team is more appreciated, still keep & # 39; keep the students at Coach Park Hung Sea.

BLV Shinji Yoshino's s TV Asahani (Japan) said that Vietnamese actresses are preparing to contest the Jelly League. In addition, this reporter was noted by 40-year-old Kang Hai of Telugu in Vietnamese and Kong Fuong.

"The Vietnam team has good players and many Vietnamese players will have the joggi for the top teams in the coming years," Thanh Nien newspaper, BLV Shinji Yoshino said. I think the Kongu Phoenag is going to be very fast, goals and threats to Japanese crafts, and I think he is ready to win the Jig League.

Meanwhile, Quang Hey is similar in Thai's Chanhat Song Song. Hey Free Kick was very impressed with Yemen. I believe that Quang Hey is the best player in Asia in the future.

Comparing the green fight to the quarterfinals, the Vietnamese team & # 39; Is evaluated. However, & # 39; Golden Dragon & # 39; Champion candidate has the potential to create an unexpected advance. In 2018 Asia remembered the main team of the national team, con Phuong and Quang Hai … the Japanese Olympic 1-0 team in the Vietnam Olympic Games.

In Japan's main striker Mutto has been given good news when he is to win the Vietnam Tale and two yellow cards in the upcoming quarter-finals. An exciting match between Vietnam and Japan will be held on January 24 at 20:00.

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