Monday , May 29 2023

Asian Cup 2019 | The quarter-finals of the quarter-finals of the quarter-finals of the quarterfinals


Video: The Surgical Wheel of Vietnam and Jordan

In addition to participating in the South East Asian team in the 2019 Asian Cup quarter-finals, they won the Vietnam-based Tel-Japanese Champion. One of the focus points of the Vietnam Television is that of two other names, namely, Nguyen Kwang Hai and Nguyen Trang hong, which has attracted them in the past.

At the afternoon of January 22 in Vietnam, a private conversation with HeadCoch Park Hong Sevok Kuang Hai and Trong Hong. Vietnam doctors need to watch these two main players until next quarters. In the last match, Kang Hain's left thigh suffered from a severe collision with a Jordanian player. The muscle had to use the patch. Trang Hong and AFF. The Cup has since become a viral disease since 2018. At this time, Trong Hong is preparing to reduce stress at this level and turban around every time. .

The park is designed by Han-Zio and has no quang hai or trong hong. At the age of 30, Trott Hong proved to be "Non-Nong" in Vietnam with the success of the Jordanian assault. Meanwhile, the violent front is the nucleus of the quang hi. They have given shoes for the goals of the Vietnam Till.

The quarter-finals of the Japanese quarter-finals will be another challenge to his pupils. But with the full comfort of Vietnam, the tail integrates the places on the continent of Vietnam.

The quarter-match between Vietnam and Japan will be held on January 24 at 20:00.

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