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Arsenal's Rooney Man City in Arcelor has many advantages

According to the latest information from the winter transfer market, the city benefited from Arsenal's Denise ubarus.

Why is man green?

On this weekend, the Gunners will face the defense strategy in the 25th Premier League, which will be their first match for Rocky Denise Suarez. But it will be a memorable match for the Spanish. Because he grew up in Man City's training in the past.

In particular, Dennis Suarez joined the U 19 Celto Vigo team at the age of sixteen. A year later, he moved to Man City for a million euros. However, he was out on the U18 and U21 players, never wearing a T-shirt. In 2013, Dennis Suarez La Masia returned to Barcelona at 1.5 million euros in Barka.

Man City was the most benefited from Arsenal's film, Denis Suarez

Before selling, Mann helped greatly from City Denis Suarez

The Green Man Transfer could not be close at the time when the Suvorous team was sold to the Qomo Now. Especially if these players are joined by any other club, the Man City will automatically have 20% value. However, the England team will get 700 thousand euros for Dennis Suuress's 10 times, the club's management will be paid.

This means that at the end of the season, the player can buy only $ 20 million (€ 20 million), and Barça get only 16 million, 4 million in the city pocket. Of course, 700 700 euros have already been issued 10 times.

In the time of the Camp Nou, Suaren struck 70 hats for Barça. 4.9 million euros to give homage to Manchester United team. That's why the batsman has been promoted to hit the semi-off form. Because he's billionaire billions of dollars to pay for the city. contract with Red Devils, what does the French team say?
Recently, Anthony Martial Striker extended the contract with MUU. He responded to his decision. was recruited from Barcelona
According to latest data, Arsenal's club was recruited by Denis Suarez from Barcelona, ​​until the end of the season.

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