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Agribab may delay IPO, state ownership of BIDV is reduced


A meeting of the Vietnam Development Bank (BIDD: BIDD, BIDV) also aimed at reducing state ownership by the Vietnamese Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development (Agribusiness). Conference of the Ministry of Finance in November.

Agribusiness may delay IPO, reduce state ownership of BIDV - Photo 1

Special Conference of Finance Ministry

From February 2018, finance finance head Dam Qin Taun says the Finance Ministry has been ready to discuss the steps to reduce transparency of the transactions with the banks to advance the privatization of Agribusiness. The bank's owned million-square meter space. The Ministry has been asked to act and act on the land law. So if closing the shares 1/1/2019, the plan is complete and all the procedures are completed. There is a license that does not have a license for the bank to know the position of each real estate. Then these documents will be forwarded to the People's Committee for verification. Land, land, real value of real estate. This process is still on and may be expanded.

Tribune Nanochok Khan, AgriBank CEO, said banking will help many challenges. The time of Enterprise Valition is 31/12/2018, and is expected to speed up the IPO until 2020.

According to Teen, the process of changing the ownership of fellow owners from state ownership is balanced And so on. Therefore, before the financial process, the assets of the assets, assets and assets of the state have to be revised. Before the standards, companies must follow the law and obey the law. Tin will spend time, because provincial people's committees and institutions need to be prepared to prepare for advance preparation.

Additionally, the reduction of state ownership in Titan's BITU indicated that private investors would be allowed to expand or expand their sheets, maintain the state of the state and expand the scale.

Deputy Prime Minister Wing Dun Hue once said in an M & A Forum in August, that Agrobank will implement the IPO in 2019, even if the government sells or sells even more bids.

BIDV has decided to raise capital through an estimated 603.3 million shares of current charter capital ($ 34,187 billion), 17.65% and 15% of the chartered capital distributed. If successful, BIDV will increase its chartered capital by Rs 40,220 crore VND.

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