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After the dialysis, there were 9 "secret" deaths

On Wednesday, 28/11/2010 10:52 AM (GMT + 7)

Intelligence agencies have documented 9 deaths after kidney failure. Mr. V. Shanakumar, vice director of the Han General Hospital Hong Dinqu qi, single kidney disease.

There are indications of completing documents and books

On November 26, the Hoa Binh CSA – Public Security Department closed the case of "serious accountability" and "unlawful killing" at Hoa Binh provincial General Hospital in November. Nine Death In this conclusion, a similar proposal by the same prosecutor to prosecute seven culprits with two culprits.

Specifically, the accused were: Hoang Cong Luong, the Bui Manh Quoc (director of the Traman company) was suggested to prosecute "a spontaneous killer"; The accused include Hoeng Binh Hospital's former director of Hoang Binh Hospital Hoang Dinh Khieu, Tu Wan Thang (former head of the Hoa Binh Hospital Material Dept.) and Director of Tran Van Van Hot Mint City Hospital and Director Nguyen An Tuvan (Director of Tan Son Zone) Serious effects have been created.

In connection with the conclusion of the investigation, the CIIT has been asked to submit the file, book, supplement, and supplementation after 9 days after the dialysis in the kidneys. Hong Kong Laoong has been entrusted with the responsibility of kidney unit to conquer the investigating agency. In addition, there are some other documents and documents that can be overcome after this event.

Dr Dinesh Sharma has been appointed as deputy director of the Medical Devices & Materials Division. Hu Bin Provin said that the hospital management had violated the restriction on Hong Kong.

There is no shortage in the official Qiau to carry out the responsibilities provided by the Department of Materials in the supervision and material of RO2 Water Treatment Equipment; We do not scrutinize or examine the use of the Royal Water Conservation System after repairing medical equipment, material distributions and artificial kidneys.

Dialysis unit using the RO2 water system, which is the active head of the energy conservation unit, is carried out by hand and repairs without handling.

Mr Kee was well aware of the project and repair works of the Roy Water Filtration system, but the head of the Material Department has not been set up for inspection.

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In the trial, the salaried salary took place in May 2018

The investigation agency says that on 29th May, 1977, at the Department meeting, Shri. After asking people to complete the book, Hong Denq Khui, in the Hong Kong legislation

The actions of the authorities have been completed by the authorities to submit Mr Kei and Traine illegally to investigative agencies, not personal interest or harm. In addition, the investigating agency has found a number of paper records with the recovery signs.

Previous Directors have many errors

At the conclusion of the inquiry, Tughong Qi Duong, former Director of Hoa Binh Hospital, decided to construct 175 units of dialysis unit under the rehabilitation department. There will be no sufficient security to ensure security.

In the period from 2015 to 2017, there is no decision to allow unified treatment for the availability of individuals to blood, which interferes with management activities: no engineer or technician, has not been appointed to a qualified person. Examine the quality of water, quality of pre-filters, dialysis and further testing.

The investigation agency – Hoa Binh province police have also realized that Mr Doin has been violating several times in the control of hospital medical devices and other assets.

After signing 315 treaties at the Hoan Binh province hospital, CPO director Anh Tuan was replaced by True Ann Company of Bu-Man Quoc, but not deployed. He did not like the United Nations to take responsibility for inspection, excerpt and RO2 water filtration system.

Sir Don Anne Tune says that the country was leaving the country to carry out all such measures – quotation, repair and so it is not known how to buy and use materials. or not.

Their own way was to follow the agency agency agency of the CNI to lead the United States to make their own molecules. Serious

In more queries, CSO Defense Do Anh Tuan prosecution prosecution proposes "serious irresponsibility".

Dr. The case of Lao Tao: The prosecutor added two employees of the hospital

The investigating officer prosecuted Ho Chi Minh General Hospital, deputy director and head of the material.

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