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A 4-year-old boy with a speaker was murdered and killed as a cruel murderer


Wednesday, January 23, 2019 16:00 PM (GMT + 7)

A 4 year old boy was used as a drug addict before being quiet. A cold murder is a murder that confuses each other and carries the speaker to humiliate every one.

A cold-killer murderer killed a 4-year-old boy.

Wu Hui Nigia stabbed a 4-year-old man.

On January 23, the Police Department cooperated with the Bawa Thang district police. The case of Wu Hui Nigia (SN 1979, in Liang Buck Village, Kyuan Kwang Kuan) where Ani (SN 2015) describes the murder. , Kwan Kwang Commune, in Bao Tang District.

Initially, on January 22, cycling rides were conducted on the Nigya Inter-Commone Road (Qiao Kong Quoin, Thai Nine Commune). Study

After traffic accidents, Nikhaia took a knife to tie the tu. But his grandson, Nguyen the An3, was not able to pull his head on his head and the baby died during an emergency.

Nguyen White Farm, chairman of the Qing Qang Group's People Committee, said Nguyi's wife, children and family were happy about the above mentioned case.

But Nagma took drugs and left his wife and children out of the house. The relatives are forced into prison, and have been living in their habitations for several years now.

The chairman of the Xuan Quang Commune said that in the beginning of 2018, the negative feelings became unstable and often associated with neighbors. Nikhia showed a sad illness when local authorities were ordered to kill people in the district, province, to beat homes, and radioactive items in their families.

In addition, the Nikkei motorcycle came with portable speakers and insulted people. Police were waiting for the police to drive a motor bike in the town of Bao Thong district. Nighia went home and trampled the bicycle into a bicycle and started to abuse people.

Four days ago, the Commune authorities and the Bao Tung district police went on to work with the family of Nagwa. They asked for a health check up to take them to the camp if they were mentally ill. However, the family has not been able to perform a medical test before it happens.

A few years ago we had a check up on Nigiah but we did not understand that we would use drugs. If you had drugs on health checkers, the prisoners were sent to the camp. Forced addiction, "said Sri.

About the family of young people, chairman of the Qing Quang People's Committee, lives with his wife and her mother, the family economy is normal. In the area, they work hard when the family of the victim lives, does not make any noise to neighbors and neighbors.

Because a child 4 year old child died when he was on the road

Nakia hit her father to cut his father's car and hit him. But it was impossible. So a 4-year-old boy died.

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