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3,000 bananas: 10-20 years imprisonment for guilty? | Lone dong online | LAODONG.VN

Banana farmers are estimated to have at least 500 million dongles at the present prices. But at the end of the celebration, the value of the banana can be doubled or a billion dollars.

On Tuesday, 22.11.2013, when visiting the Banana farm in Trongu village, Guyana High Commun (Giam Lam, Hanoi) abandoned many places in the Banden Room, leaving a Du-thu (Janmahat of Hang Yen). .

First statistics show that there are around 3,000 bananas in 7,000 bananas cultivated for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Gardeners determined that the banana garden had frozen frauds.

"When ripe bananas are normal, the result will be very long, stretched and evenly distributed, but my banana is still very young.

Participating in the garden, a member of his family said, bananas could occur together from the conflict between people. "The reality is that people are harming each other," he said.

On November 25th, the owner of the garden gave samples of drugs. Police have also collected bogged down samples to transfers to the Criminal Science Institute of the Ministry of Public Security to detect ripe bananas.

Lidodore used the confusion and transferred it to the Gia Llam district of police.

As the workers reported in the banana plantations of Thuyi's family, the yellows of fruits are yellow in color. When ripe bananas burst, the intestine inside will not be like a wildfire.

According to the estimate of the couple, if the current price of VND 500 million or VND250 million, the value of the plant will be doubled. About one billion.

It shows the symptoms of stimulating the inertia.

According to the information provided by the owner, a banquet of 3,000 rooms is filed, lawyer Guan Chen Luk (Hanoi Bar Association) said that the violation of the accused was false. Under Article 178 of the Penal Code of 2015, "Destroying or intentionally damaged".

Specifically, the owner of the garden said that damage to 3,000 banyan cells is worth a value of 500 million. With this compensation the culprit will be imprisoned for 10 to 20 years (stage 4, article 178).

Lawyer La Wan Thai (Hanoi Bar Association) said that the criminal treatment of the vandalism of farming has been rejected by others as a model for others.

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