Much of humanity is in the body parts, though some are more than others Head, legs or arms. However, like the hands or wrist of others, the short hair of the hair is not the tendency for hair, age, or person hair. Why is this

Many scientists have asked, and now a team of researchers has been asked University of Pennsylvania SchoolWith the aim of applying this knowledge of treatment Alas Or hair growth recovery Mouth burns and big cuts. And, its results published today Cell reportsWhy some animals explain why Rabbits, Where they have the hair in the locations of the body Other ratsNo, like mice.

More and more "Human" signals are interrupted

An INHI encoding codes for signaling path speed involved in the development of fur,

These researchers continue their studies WNT signaling path, Played an important role and played Hair follicles growth and hair growth. It is obvious that these root legs or arms are fully functional in parts of the body, but it does not work in other areas Hands on hands.

This is the answer that the scientists have in their study The protein inhale, which is the leading route, decode 2 (DDK2). They examined the gene which was released for the proteins Mice was very evident in the diet of miceLike the feet of men, hair is not growing. even though, If it is inactive That Hair begins to grow from the rest of the body. This shows WNT track has been found in these areas, But its functioning is tired DDK2.

In the end, they found it This gene does not appear in rabbitsSo his skin like a polar bear, He is hip to him. It shows that this path follows in evolution Various pathsDepending on Concrete needs in every species The animal

Beyond the curiosity

All of this responds A curious question We have done a lot of time, but the goal of this group of scientists is very much.

It is known that the hair follicles are growing Human fetal life, But Stop production after birth. That is why, when a large bullet or wound is dry, New skin is less of hair. They have been advised to look into the problem Check whether it is correct DDK2 The one involved The growth of the hair follicles; If so, it will be replicated to fit the new skin hair in these special conditions.

However, the risk of hair loss is very low. According to the Special Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) Between 18 and 39% men were 40% males Woe Andrejenic allopia. And, when the percentage arrives 95% In young people Above 70 years.

Often, this is done in large quantities, without any health problems The physical side is dissatisfiedMany scientists are trying to find solution. Previous studies have been detected DKK2 Just like one Possible Candidate These luminous losses of hair appear, so these researchers intend to concentrate on it and focus on the next stages of their work. If they try to reach a good harbor, there is no doubt that many people will be happy for their discoveries.

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