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When they traveled with a friend on El Tigri-Bolivar Road, they killed a young engineer

Maribes, aged 22, died in a car crash in Gorrilla Carolina. The armed movement blocked them

Marinilid Marco
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November 15, 2018 7:09 pm

The body of the engineer was brought to Morgue in Edgre. There were six bullet wounds being monitored (photo: Marilyn Marcono)

Tiger- A journey started Young engineer With a friend, she was shot dead and shot dead.

The incident took place on Thursday, July 5 at 5 Tige-Bolivar highway. Located two kilometers from the Land Viuda Municipality Distributory Independence, Anzototuek to the south.

Urbaneta Manríquez, 22, is from Gabriela CarolinaSome of the people who were traveling in a Toyota Fortran 4 runner truck stopped them and repeatedly fired. Bolivar El Tigre, a dhowous truck, terrace model, lead gray color, plate AA408KB,

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The 23-year-old Creuse Antonio Waltreppe was a co-pilot in the shooting.

When they arrived at the L-Ticket, they locked her up, and they said, "without telling a word", the woman immediately died.

Uriita, ninth in the Pewlowo Nuevo Sir sector in Eli Tigre, is awaiting the status of product engineer at Gran Marisalas University, Uruchi. He worked in the company San Gran Maka. She was the youngest of two sisters in Jos de Gwanepa

When the girl knew that she had gone from the house of Ciudad Bolivar, her family friend decided to face some family action. On Thursday morning early this morning, the robbers are left before the tire arrives, so they can attend their work.

The death of this girl is shocked by a huge part of the society Photo: Urrieta from Facebook

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