Tuesday , March 28 2023

What is this mysterious orange light around the Earth?


The FIG NASA Published through various platforms, a Photography There you will see Earth covered In a curiosity Orange light. An astronaut took the picture International Space Station From height 400 km In Australia.

This is one Luminance Some of the activities at the top of our atmosphere are, most importantly, visible Help Learn about scientists Move In it Particles Connection between Earth and Earth climate Spatial And then Terrain, Experts say.

  • Well understood the consequences of restructuring Atoms In the form of solarized ionized molecules through the sunlight in this region Dynamic (The planet's atmosphere), like the moons ICON Scientists help NASA to understand the physiological processes Atmosphere Earth interacts with each other Place She is near her.

But what is this orange sound?

He says Scientists From NASA, the covering around this orange color is known from the sky's sky. He said Phenomenon Its consequences Chemical reactions It makes it free in the atmosphere of the planet, Atoms It will absorb in the lower atmosphere and lose energy on the collision Colorful glow.

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