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We have to see the revolution of the country's revolution


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(Caracas, November 14) .- President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, He pointed out the need to show the world the contribution of the di La Patria system to Cartier In promoting social and economic welfare programs of the Venezuelan people.

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"& # 39; s Carte & # 39; s nation, a tool that has helped us to promote the protection, social equality, solidarity, socialism, happiness and peace of the Venezuelan people. The world must see the revolution."The president wrote his Twitter account.

To date, 18,396,476 registered Venezuelans have been registered with the Social Security system at Carné de la Pateria.

The national system has 14,000 600 brigidists who make homes in communities to accommodate citizens. Under this requirement, the needs of the Government of India comply with your needs for social programs.

This card has been allocated and processed in the process of Bonds and Distributions distributed as beneficiaries of the Venezuelan population.

In the case of health care, drugs were distributed through National Executive 0800-SALUD-YA programs, in addition to providing medical assistance to the National Surgical Plan, Patients treated free for all age groups.

Thanks to this tool, new pensions have been provided to senior citizens and university quotas and entrance programs for workers like Chamba Juvenile Plan.

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