Wednesday , February 8 2023

Uruguay defeats Ecuadorian and reaches Brazil


Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela have won 15 basketball championships in 2018 football championships.

Tournament is held in the gymnasium in Athens, Montevideo.

Argentina qualified for the semi-finals after losing to Chile by winning Argentina's third goal. Road to Argentina with 19 points. Leading Titus team with 18 points and 7 rebate.

Brazil also won a brilliant 85-45 in Brazil. From the very beginning, the Brazilians dominated. The team, trained by T. Teverini, got the rest of the set for the victory celebration. Eduard Sanchez, who has 18 points and 10 points, is a double double in the Brazilian side.

The beginning of Colombia's defeat is Venezuela. 64-54. In the first quarter-final, Venezuela surrendered in the second round to win 20-6. Venezuela kept a safe distance and celebrated its victory. Ozar Garya led the double-double century with 12 points and 14 rebounds.

But Uruguay made his debut in Ecuador. Celestines dominated the game in the first quarter of 24-7. Augustine Ubal scored 16 points. The last innings was 81.

In qualifying for the FIBA ​​U-16 Championship in the US in 2019, three of the best teams in the South America Under-15 Championship will be eligible.

Colombia-Chile, 14:15, Ecuador-Paraguay, 4:45, Argentina-Venezuela-18: 45, and Brazil-Orgila-9:

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